Spring cabbage

One of our favorite greens -just lightly steam then serve with oil or butter and lots of black pepper.

Description: Spring cabbage

Spring cabbage


Spring means the start of our native watercress season. Lovely in a salad, delicious in a sandwich with Marmite, and it makes a very good soup with a little potato and onion.

Description: Watercress


Meat, fish and seafood


It's the retailers and fishmongers who are working hard to ensure their fish is being sourced from sustainable fisheries, so buy from a supplier you trust. The issue of what or what not to eat is a minefield and changes constantly. But do try to eat more mackerel, herring and sardines from our native waters. Not only are they good for you - you should eat one portion of oily fish as one of your two portions of fish a week - but they're also in plentiful supply.


Will give you high protein and lots of lovely zinc to protect the immune system. Mussels are great value and easy to cook - just sweat off onions and garlic, and add the de-bearded mussels with a large glass of white wine. Bring to the boil, then cover and leave to steam open for about ten minutes or so. Scoop out of the pan; strain the cooking juices through a sieve to lose any grit. Discard any broken or unopened ones. Rather fab served with oven chips and a green salad for an easy midweek supper.

Description: Shellfish


Oily fish

From native waters are full of essential fatty acids, which are good for your skin and a healthy heart. Opt for sustainable mackerel, salmon and sardines from our native waters.

Description: Oily fish

Oily fish


From our native waters simply need a squeeze of lemon, some wholemeal toast and a green salad - especially watercress when it's in season - for a perfect, but simple, lunch. It's also really delicious when added to a risotto.

Description: Crab



Is especially good in the colder months and still represents excellent value. Just ensure you always buy British pork and preferably free-range.

Description: British Pork

British Pork


Is very expensive in early spring, so wait a little longer If you can't resist, cook it simply, as young lamb is very delicate.

Description: Lamb meat

Lamb meat

Seasonal produce

If you love to eat seasonally and buy organic, why not order a weekly, organic veg box? It's delivered to your door and the best schemes have lots of recipe ideas. We like Abel & Cole (abelandcole.co.uk) who deliver nationwide. Boxes start from £9. Riverford Organic (riverford.co.uk) also has a reliable nationwide service.

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