Some babies are taken care of carefully by their mothers; however, every month, their weight only increases a little and even does not increase. This thing makes mothers worry.

So, what is the reason for their gaining weight slowly?

Lacking zinc and selen can make babies gain weight slowly

According to standard development of WHO, babies that are 6 months old has weight two times as much as babies that have just born. And when they are 12 months old, their weight will increase 3 times. Mothers can feel secure that their daughter’s weight is 8.9kg when she is one year old. For boy, weight with 9.6kg is considered ideal. However, if babies don’t gain weight in many constant months or gain little weight, this is sign to warn about their health and bringing up unsuitably.  

Description: Weight is the index that is cared most to know that whether babies have SDD or not.

Weight is the index that is cared most to know that whether babies have SDD or not.

There are many reasons that make babies gain weight slowly such as babies are infected, their body is asthenic, diet with not enough nutrients, babies eat fewer meals…. Another reality is that babies eat well, but their weight increases slowly. This thing makes many mothers anxious and wonder.

According to explanation of specialized doctors, babies eat a lot; however, their weight doesn’t increase a lot because their digestive system cannot absorb all of the nutrients that they eat. Especially, mothers should pay attention that gaining weight slowly of babies is caused by lacking some nutrients, especially zinc and selen.

A mother shares: “My baby is 17 months old, it can eat and drink well. It can eat without forcing. However, I can’t understand why my baby’s weight doesn’t gain in 3 recent months”. She worried that her baby had inflammation about bowel. She took her baby to go to see doctor, to analyze some indexes of blood. As a result, her baby has low amount of zinc and selen in blood. This is the reason that makes her daughter develop slowly.

Among nutrients, zinc and selen have big role in the development about baby’s weight. If babies lack zinc, they will grow slowly, sex organs develop slowly, and they lose weight. In some researches in America, adding zinc for babies can help reduce 18% case of diarrhea, 41% lung inflammation, and 50% death case.

Selen is very necessary for transforming iodine. Its function is as an enzyme in process of creating hormone of thyroid gland to stimulate input of energy. It is necessary for growing, development and maintaining.

Upkid – add safe zinc and selen that can help babies develop outstandingly

Lacking zinc and selen can make babies suffer from anorexia, decline immune system. In addition, it can cause phenomenon about undersized and developing slowly of babies. According to statistics, 50% of babies from 6 months to 7 years old lack zinc and selen.

According to recommendation, demand about zinc of babies that are under 1 year old is about 5mg/ day, babies that from 1-3 years old is 8mg/day, babies from 3-10 years old is 20mcg/day… Parents can add zinc through daily foods such as field shrimp, eel, oyster, pig liver, milk, beef, egg yolk, foods that contain a lot of selen such as fish, sea food, meat of poultry, beans…

However, sometimes daily diet cannot provide enough micronutrients such as zinc and selen for babies. Mothers can easily provide babies with these 2 micronutrients with Upkid granulated medicine. The main components of Upkid granulated medicine are 2 important micronutrients: zinc and selen that have the origin from vegetation. This thing helps babies provide with 2 important micronutrients but they are easily deficient. These two micronutrients in Upkid granulated medicine will help babies absorb food well, increase immune system. Moreover, it can help prevent diarrhea, respiratory inflammation and cough when weather changes…

Description: Zinc and organic selen are very good for little babies.

Zinc and organic selen are very good for little babies.

Not like zinc and synthetic selen, zinc and selen in Upkid granulated medicine are attached with amine acids in vegetation proteins, so they are very friendly with body, especially to little babies and they don’t leave the redundant quantity in the body, not cause irritation for mucous membrane and stomach. They aren’t similar to synthetic form, so they don’t cause nauseating. Providing with zinc and selen that have vegetation origin is very safe. It can be absorbed to 90%. It is very friendly with human beings. Maybe this is revolution about source that provides organic micronutrients for babies. Providing zinc and selen on time plays an important part in helping babies absorb nutrients, developing and growing normally. Especially, mothers don’t have to worry about slow development of babies.


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