In this stage, babies can see far about 3m. Their hands can hold objects consciously.

Babies who heard many stories from their mother in the womb can sound oh, ah, cha cha… in 3 months old. When being about 1 year old, they would reveal intelligence and nimble more than the same-old babies who did not heard stories from their mothers.


Lead babies close to the famous painting, and talk about that picture. When going for a walk with your children, it is necessary to apply any ways to make them remember impression about outside world as much as possible. Direct your children to look at the surrounding scenery and say the words of that scene. Or hold them and walk in house, name the objects seen, and repeat several times to them.

Lead babies to close the alphabet, point in each word, read the name of letters, repeat several times. Only in this way, a 6-month-old American baby remembers all English letters.

Check if babies look towards the light when turning it on to test their eyesight. To do this to soon discover their visual defects, solve and train vision as soon as possible.

Flash a little light in their eyes to know if they look at that light. Moving light position far and near in order to see if they adjusts their eyes to follow it.

Description: The second stage: 4-6 months old

The second stage: 4-6 months old


Take babies to the park to hear light sound of nature. Remember to say much about words of objects, phenomena, and nature. Let them have a bath with mothers; both mothers and babies relax and talk much. (This point seems difficult in some places due to no customary of bath. There is even no customary of sharing bath. And a few mothers share bath with their children because of avoiding having sore throat).

There are two points to note when talking to babies:

1.    Use a calm, expressive and fun voice. Do not use low and bass voice.

2.    Use gestures of limbs to ask babies such as "Are you hungry?" "Do you want to go pee?" "Do you pee out diapers?" and so on. When asking, expressive and natural voice will appeal babies. They will remember one thing, the question must be answered. The first answers of babies are sounds emanated from their throat like "coo, coo” ” cha, cha” ...

Call and talk to their right ear. 3 month-old babies have more sensitive right ears. So, when they are about 4 months old, you can still call them from the right ear.

When talking to your babies, you have to look at with concentration in their eyes. For example, mothers always start the story by saying "Yuri, I’m here. I love you much. Yuri is very good”. These sentences will evolve babies’ memories.

When hearing babies, you must look into their eyes, and wait for their answer. Aping immediately what they said. Put toys in front of them as "bait" to talk. "Baby, this is doll! You see? I’m holding a doll.”

If they do not like it, you should not abandon. It is important to repeat several times.

Description: When talking to your babies, you have to look at with concentration in their eyes.

When talking to your babies, you have to look at with concentration in their eyes.


Please activate the grabbing, holding ability of babies’ hands. Let your babies hold many different items such as wool, cotton, wood, satin cloth, sponge, tissue.

Let the toy within reach and grab of children.

Normally, when babies are 5 – 6 months old, they know how to reach things. But if babies are trained to hold, touch, and reach in early age, about 3 months old, they can use hands very well to manipulate holding, touching, and reaching proficiently. Babies who have a strong sense of learning will mature quickly.

Let babies touch warm water, then cold water, and rotate. Also teach them spread their hands, and hold them in water.

Movement: lie your babies down on mothers/ fathers’ bellies; let them hold their head up as long as possible.

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