Maybe you don’t know all nutritious value and wonderful effects of each kind of cabbage.

Kinds of cabbage are used a lot in daily meals.  To many kinds of cabbage, you don’t know all nutritious value and wonderful effects of each kinds of cabbage.


Cabbage has sweet taste and col feature. It helps reduce temperature. It contains a lot of vitamin A, B, C, E. Content of zinc is higher in meat and fish. Cabbage that is cooked contains a lot of vitamins A, C, K, B2, B6, calcium, Fe, Mangan, Folate as well as active element component that have good effect on health.

Cabbage is very good for health.

Cabbage is very good for health.

According to many researches, cabbages such as broccoli, cabbage…can help prevent ovarian cancer, cancer of kidney due to substances such as Glucosinolate, Sinapic acid, flavonoid, components of antioxidant phenolic and carotenoid. People that have syndrome of overflowing upside down or allergy, they will have difficulty in digesting kinds of cabbage. So, they should be careful with cabbage. You also know that indol component in cabbage can reduce effect of some kinds of reliever that contain acetaminophen.

People can use cabbage to cook soup as other vegetables. You can use it to eat without cooking, preserve in salt and make salad, fry… When you cook, you shouldn’t cook them too carefully because this will make cabbage not delicious and crispy. In addition, vitamins easily dissolve in high temperature.

White cabbage

White cabbage contains a lot of nutrients and vitamins. Seeds of white cabbage have peppery taste, warm feature, not poisonous, destroy sputum, and it can cure infected sputum.

White cabbage is a familiar vegetable. It can be used to cure stomachache and tooth disease. Seed of white cabbage has peppery taste, warm feature. In addition, it can be used to cure tooth decay, cough, destroy sputum and make pulse clear.

White cabbage contains nutrients and vegetation active elements (Phytochemicals), especially vitamin C – a strong antioxidant. Nutritionists proved that eating 500 grams of white cabbage, the contents of calcium, Fe, carpten, and vitamins necessary for the body will be provided a lot. They will help you become calm, not tired and reduce cholesterol. If you or your relatives have pain in low belly, headache, tooth disease, you can overcome by using leaves or seeds of white cabbage.


Cress has good effect and it helps protect health. This vegetable contains high content of vitamin C. In addition, it has vitamins A, B1, B2 that protect health, prevent oxidization, poison and increase resistance for body, prevent aging and keep beauty. Moreover, many minerals are easy to absorb such as calcium, iodine that have form of organic combination. Every day, if the content of calcium for body is 1000mg, people can limit to catch heart disease and prevent aging.

Cress has good effect and it helps protect health.

Cress has good effect and it helps protect health.

Cress can help us feel delicious to eat and prevent poison. It is diuretic and has a lot of fiber that is good for stomach, make liver clear and contribute to reduce congestion. Cress is cooked with fresh fish is delicious, nutritious, and cool. It can be antifebrile, diuretic, stop bleeding, and cure lung disease.

White radish

White radish is a food that is easy to use. You can use it to cook into many dishes such as boil, braise with meat and fish; fry with fat, meat; preserve with salt around year; make salted radish; make them dried to store.

White radish is food that is easy to use.

White radish is food that is easy to use.

In traditional medicine, white radish is used in cases that you don’t feel delicious. We can use it to cure scurvy, rickety, ferment in bowel, chronic liver pain, jaundice, gallstone, arthritis, rheumatism and diseases about respiratory system (cough, asthma).

Oriental medicine also uses white radish to cure dysentery, reduce poison, and cure scald. Its seed is used to cure asthma, pimple, and difficulty in urination. Its leaves are cured to cure getting hoarse and bleeding in bowel.

Head cabbage

According to oriental medicine, head cabbage has sweet taste, cool feature. In addition, it isn’t poisonous, calculates blood. Moreover, it is antifebrile, it makes stomach cool and it is also diuretic. Head cabbage also prevents depression of nerve, reduces pain, prevents cancer, heart disease and some other diseases.

Head cabbage has sweet taste, cool feature.

Head cabbage has sweet taste, cool feature.

According to Western medicine, head cabbage is used to cure many normal diseases such as pimple, worm, and stomachache.

Head cabbage contains a small content of goitrin. This substance can prevent oxidization, but it can cause Struma. People that have disorder of thyroid gland shouldn’t eat head cabbage because eating it will make thyroid gland become big. These people should eat head cabbage with a suitable quantity. Before eating, you should eat each of leaves and soak them, wash and cut them small. You should wait in 10-15 minutes and then cook. At this time, goitrin will be destroyed completely. Especially, people that have heavy disease about kidneys, they have to operate with artificial kidneys. These people shouldn’t use head cabbage. People that have constipation and urinate less shouldn’t eat uncooked head cabbage or cabbage preserved in salt, they must cook it.

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