Pregnant women should choose foods that have effect to help fetus be healthy and nourish fetus.

Remedies that are used to nourish fetus have origin from daily foods. They are very effective and nutritious for pregnant women.

1.     Sugar cane


·         30 grams of sugar cane germ

·         30 grams of spike tuber

·         80 grams of nut grass

·         2 grams of bastard cardamom.

How to make:

·         Cut all of the above spices small, dry them and simmer them with 400 ml of water to 100ml

·         Drink in day and divide it into twice.

2.     Carp soup

Carp soup is easy to cook and nutritious for pregnant women.

Carp soup is easy to cook and nutritious for pregnant women.


·         A carp: 300-500 grams

·         One saffron

·         One carrot

·         A  little of mushroom

·         2 spoons of green soy without peel

·         ½ of bowl of rice (for twice a day)

·         A little of small spring onion with bulb

How to make:

·         Rice and green soy are cleaned and simmered, saffron and carrot are cut due to vertical direction, dried mushroom is soaked in water about 10 minutes, then cut them in two, tear into thread. If they are fresh mushroom, you don’t need to soak them.

·         Make pan hot, pour a spoon of oil, pour mixture of carrot, saffron and mushroom and turn in 30 seconds and then pour fish into pan, flavor with a spoon of fish sauce, a spoon of monosodium glutamate, ¼ spoon of sugar

·         After soup becomes well-cooked, pour this mixture into and flavor. Then, simmer in 8-10 minutes.

3.     Soup of chicken and ordinary rice

Soup of chicken and ordinary rice


·         One black chicken about 700-800 grams

·         130 grams of ordinary rice

·         A little of green soy without peel

·         Ginger

·         Mushroom

·         Fish sauce

·         Sugar

·         Monosodium glutamate

·         Sesame oil

·         Grinded peppers

·         Balm-mint that is cut into thread

How to make:

·         Green soy is wash, sharpen peel of ginger, wash ginger, cut them into thread, wash mushroom, get rid of foot and cut them into two parts

·         Rub chicken with salt, lemon/vinegar/wine to make chicken clean, use scissors to cut it into 4 parts

·         Put chicken into pressure cooker, pour a little of fish sauce, soup flour and some drops of sesame oil, cut ginger into threads and wait in 10 minutes

·         Roast rice on fire until it transfers into matte white and moves to yellow color, then you stop cooking, wash rice and mix it with soy bean

·         Pour water full of chicken, cover lid and boil it, turn fire down, wait in 5-7 minutes (depending on toughness of chicken)

·         Pour rice and soy bean into pot, add more water if necessary, cover lid and continue simmering until it boils and then make fire lower and wait in more 5 minutes

·         Take chicken out, pour mushroom, add water and flavor, pour monosodium glutamate/sugar, cook in some more minutes (do not use lid to cover)

·         Scoop soup into bowl, tear chicken and dust above, you also tear grinded pepper, balm-mint, ginger cut on surface and then eats hot.

4.     Soup of egg and wormwood

With egg and wormwood, pregnant women can cook delicious fried dish.

With egg and wormwood, pregnant women can cook delicious fried dish.


·         2 eggs

·         Wormwood

·         Sugar

How to make:

·         Wormwood leaves are poured into water enough to cook soup. After breaking egg and boil, pour sugar and stir.

·         In the second month of pregnancy, pregnant women should eat soup of egg and wormwood twice every week with 2 eggs and 15 grams of wormwood. In the third month of pregnancy, pregnant women should eat soup of egg and wormwood once every 2 weeks. In the fourth of pregnancy, eat once a month. If you use this remedy regularly and with the correct intake, pregnant women can avoid depression of health.

5.     Soup of rabbit and beet


·         50 grams of rabbit

·         250 grams of red beet

·         30 grams of campanula

·         6 red apples

How to make:

·         Rabbit is cut into pieces. Sharpen and get rid of peel of red beets, wash them and cut into pieces, get rid of seed of red apples and wash campanula

·         Pour all of them into pot with enough water, use big fire to boil, simmer with small fire from 2-3 hours, pour spices and divide to eat some times in  a day

6.     Crucian carp


·         2 Crucian carps

·         A few of balm-mints (about 15 grams)

·         6 grams of bastard cardamom

·         6 slices of fresh ginger

How to make:

·         Wash balm-mints, cardamom and fresh ginger, disembowel of crucian and get rid of internal organs.

·         Pour all of them into pot with enough water, use small fire to stew in about 2-3 hours, add more spices and divide into some times to eat in day

7.     Chicken simmer with sea horse


·         One 1kilogrmam-cock

·         2 sea horses

·         Field mushroom

·         Salt

·         White wine

·         Onion

·         Fresh ginger

How to make:

·         Wash chicken, cut into pieces, use warm water to wash sea horse, pour all of them , mushroom and spices, then simmer, divide to eat some times in a day

8.     Soup of lotus seed

Soup of lotus seed

Soup of lotus seed


·         60 grams of lotus seed

·         10 grams of dried tangerine skin used for medical purpose

How to make:

·         Peel lotus seed, get rid of heart, pour it into pot and cook to 4-5 parts, then pour the above things, boil until lotus seeds are cooked, then you can eat.

·         You can eat 1-2 times a day during the first three months of the pregnancy.

9.     Soup of hen and cuttlefish


·         One hen washed cleanly

·         One cuttlefish

·         Sticky rice

How to make:

·         Wash chicken and cuttlefish, then simmer them, take condensed soup and pour 90-150 grams and stew into soup, then flavor

·         After pregnancy, you can eat anytime and regularly.

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