Edema causes uncomfortable feeling and sore for pregnant women.

In pregnancy, women will feel that their body gets edema, especially face, hands, feet and ankles. Normally, this phenomenon is normal, it isn’t dangerous; however, it makes pregnant women feel uncomfortable.

1.     Soup with carp fresh ginger


·           15 grams of fresh ginger

·           15 grams of truffle

·           10 grams of dried tangerine skin

·           1carp about 500 grams

Way to do:

·           Carp is scaled and viscera are cleaned.

·           Kinds of medicine are washed cleanly, they are covered by clean cloth. Cook them with carp in 1 hour.

·           Eliminate medicine, eat carp and drink soup and eat when you feel hungry.

2.     Smell seed


·           3 spoons of smell seed that is dried in a pan

·           500ml of water

Way to do:

·           Put smell seed and water into saucepan, boil them until they are dry and the rest is a half, stop cooking.

·           Mothers use this water to drink 3 times a day, drinking in some days will reduce edema.

·           It is good if mothers drink the whole water of smell seed. If you feel difficult to drink, you can put a little palm sugar. You will feel that its taste is like vegetation tea, so it’s easier to drink.

Description: Description: Smell seed can reduce edema for pregnant women’s feet.

Smell seed can reduce edema for pregnant women’s feet.

3.     Soup of carp and dried ginger


·           15 grams of dried ginger

·           30 grams of medlar seeds

·           A carp about 500grams

Way to do:

·           Eliminate scale and viscera of carp

·           Wash the rest medicines clean, cover them with a clean cloth and cook with carp in about 1 hour

·           Eliminate pack of medicine, eat fish. Drink soup and eat when you feel hungry

4.     Truffle cake, ginger and cinnamon


·           3 grams of dried ginger

·           3 grams of cinnamon

·           30 grams of truffle without shell

Way to do:

·           Ginger and cinnamon are ground to dust

·           Mix 3 things together, add a little of wheat flour and white sugar

·           Make them into cakes, then put them into pot and steam them

·           Eat cakes, 15 grams for each time

5.     Water of ginger bark and astragalus


·           Shell of fresh ginger and shell of waxy pumpkin

·           30 grams for each type

·           30 grams of truffle shell

·           30 grams of astragalus

·           5 jujubes

Way to do:

·           Put the above medicines into 500ml water, cook it until it is only 300ml

·           Eliminate waste, pour a little of white sugar, divide into 2 times and drink in day

Description: Description: Fresh ginger shell is also an effective medicine to treat edema.

Fresh ginger shell is also an effective medicine to treat edema.

6.     Ginger sauce, apple, longan and honey


·           250 grams of jujube

·           250 grams of longan

·           250ml of honey

·           2 tablespoon of ginger juice

Way to do:

·           Eliminate seed of jujube, wash them, put them into aluminum pot together with longan.

·           Add more water, boil about 7 parts, then pour ginger juice and honey, boil, stir, cool it, put it into stored pot and you can eat regularly

7.     Water of corn silk

Boil corn silk with water, then use it instead of daily water. It can also help them reduce edema clearly for pregnant women.

In addition, water of corn silk is cool, so it can help pregnant women prevent disease about inflammation of urinary track.

8.     Snake-head and waxy pumpkin


·           A snake-head about 250 grams

·           500 grams of waxy pumpkin

·           60 grams of small red bean

·           3 small spring onions

Way to do:

·           Make all of the materials clean

·           Put all of them into pot, cook tenderly without salt

·           Eat in day and eat continuously in 3-4 days, edema will reduce.

·           However, if mothers don’t like to eat snake-head, they only need to cook about 80 grams of waxy, small red bean without salt, eating this dish instead of vegetable can also cure this edema.

9.     Dill seed


·           2 cups of water

·           1 spoon of palm sugar

·           2 spoons of dill seed

Way to do:

·           Pour water, palm sugar and dill seed into pot and then  boil

·           Boil it until the rest part is a half

·           Use this water to drink 3 times in a day, it will help pregnant women protect their feet from edema.

10.  Hot lemon juice

Make a spoon of lemon (or orange juice) into a cup of warm water and drink every day. This way is very effective to reduce edema of feet to pregnant women during pregnancy.

11.  Sesame

In pregnancy, sesame also helps reduce edema of feet. Pour 15-20 cooked sesames into a cup of warm water and drink it in the morning when you haven’t eaten anything yet.

Besides pregnant women can make sugar that is extracted from palm oil with warm water and drink it every day.

12.  Pumpkin

20 grams of dried pumpkin seed, rob shell and take nucleus (keep green membrane outside seed), grind, add more boiling water and white sugar that are enough to use. Pregnant women should make and drink in the early morning in the late afternoon when you feel hungry. Eating continuously in 3 days will bring effectiveness.

Description: Description: Pumpkin’s seeds can also cure edema.

Pumpkin’s seeds can also cure edema.

13.  Watermelon

Watermelon contains a lot of valuable nutrients, especially it is rich in minerals such as calcium, Fe, Magnesium, folic acid that is a vitamin group B. It is necessary for creating blood with effect of reducing fever, diuretic detoxify for liver. It is good for pregnant women.

Watermelon is good for detoxifying, urinating, reducing inflammation. Eating regularly will increase excreting. As a result, it will eliminate redundant water of body. It will help reduce edema in feet of pregnant women.


When pregnant women have edema, they should limit eating salt foods because a lot of edema at pregnant women is relate to eating salt foods. So, pregnant women should reduce the amount of salt that is brought into body and drink enough water to help body detoxify outside, avoid edema to feet and hands. Moreover, you should avoid waters that contain alcohol or caffeine.


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