Children have weak immune system, so allergy is popular disease to children.

Allergy is popular disease to children. This disease is easily infected and children’s immune system is weak. They don’t have enough strength to prevent bacteria and virus. According to some recent researches, children can catch allergy in the early, from 2 years old to over.

Most of the children catch allergy when they play together in school, park or at home. Children easily catch allergy because they don’t understand about the risk that causes disease. In addition, they are very curious, try to taste everything around, clean nose unbiased, touch sand and then touch food by hand. Hence, you need to teach children how to keep hygiene and not let them rodent dirty things.

Description: Children easily catch allergy.

Children easily catch allergy.

Symptoms of allergy

Feeling about inside itch and the area around the main nose is one of the first symptoms of this disease. Besides, children can suffer from running nose, have state of congestion of chest, difficulty in breathing, sneezing regularly, coughing continuously, breathing with mouth and the state of red eyes and wet.

If the above symptoms exist in many weeks, you can affirm that children catch allergy. If these diseases aren’t diagnosed exactly, they can lead to more complex complications such as sinusitis, poisoning of ears.

In special cases, if children usually catch allergy, they can lose their hearing or catch asthma or eczema.

Reason of allergy

Most of popular reasons that cause allergy are dirt, strong smells, some kinds of food, feather of domestic animal, mold and materials of clothes such as wool. Tools for personal hygiene or detergent such as soap, shampoo and shower cream can cause allergy. Some people, especially children that are under 7 years old, tend to have allergy in skin because of the reaction of body with chemicals that are used every day. Another element causing allergy is genetics. If children’s parents catch such allergy, they are able to catch the same disease. Although people define the reasons causing these diseases, they can’t be free from diseases, except for food allergies.

Allergy diagnosis

The best way to define the agents causing allergy is testing blood. However, these kinds of testing were proved that they were only affective for three-year old or older children.

Description: The best way to define the agents causing allergy is testing blood.

The best way to define the agents causing allergy is testing blood.

For younger children, the only way to define the agents causing allergy is learning about reasons, time to exist, degree of regularity, considering if the state of allergy can occur seasonally or deal to the weather so that we can give the most accurate conclusion.

Monitoring and recording the times when children catch allergy can help doctors find out which kind of allergy children are acquired exactly.

How to prevent

Some common concepts in every daily life can help reduce the discomfort of allergic children; for example, wearing natural cotton clothes, not using blankets made from fabric which causes allergy such as wool…

Limit eating outside can lessen the danger of food allergy due to street food that isn’t hygienic, usually uses a lot of chemicals and preservatives.

Keep houses tidy, cleaning the dirt regularly, using wet towers to make doormats and door curtains so that dirt can’t fly in house, not raising some animals such as dogs, cats… will help to lessen the danger of allergy when children are at home.

Follow sanitation rules and teach children how to follow ones, especially hands, the part of the body which usually contacts with many things being easy to cause infection.

Taking care of children carefully in period of transferring seasons or change of weather helps increase resistance and resist agents causing allergy due to weather.


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