Baby’s “performance” is more and more diversity, which is not only crying soundly but also wriggling and bending his body.

Description: The baby has many tricks in six-month old

The baby has many tricks in six-month old

1.    Catch, shake and hold everything

It’s easy to recognize the baby’s move when he is seated and give his hands up to be hold. The infant is learning how to use his fingers individually and simultaneously. He knows that he can touch objects and put them into his mouth. Observing the way he “gnaws” his toy, you will discover many interesting things!

In this period, baby’s eyes are much more subtle. He can focus on small stuff and look towards the moving things simply. He also spots the object when seeing a part of it – for example, he can find out his preferred toy under the sofa. This is a basic skill to prepare for hide and seek game which you and your baby are going to play few months later.

Description: Six-month baby’s eyes are much more subtle
Six-month baby’s eyes are much more subtle


Moreover, as you can see, the infant uses his thumb, index finger, and middle finger to hold something. Most of them need some months more so as to perfect this skill, but you must care for baby’s safe in this age. “Caution saves care”, watch out in case that he swallows the seed.

A number of parents usually compare their child with another one. Some babies can crawl from one place to another, but some prefer to sit at a position and look at around. Whether the infants moves much or less, all of them are discovering their abilities by different ways. Therefore, don’t be nervous when your child is few less developing.

2.    Roll, roll and roll

The infant’s arm and neck are harder so he can roll over one side – what a surprising and interesting thing that he makes. The baby can use the roll as a main method to moving in a short period of time, or can pass this time into sitting, creeping and crawling. You shouldn’t worry when your baby doesn’t roll, provided that he continuous learning new skills and exciting about moving and detecting the world nearby him.

Rolling is both the baby’s merriness and your worriment. You ought to always keep your eyes in your baby while changing the diaper, putting him on the bed or anywhere is away from the ground.

Description: Soon, I will be shy of the strangers and shout if I don’t satisfy with anything
Soon, I will be shy of the strangers and shout if I don’t satisfy with anything

3.    The first babble

Some babies have begun babbling since 6-month old. You can hear some expected words such as “mamamama” or “babababa”. Normally, he says “babababa” first; it doesn’t mean he wants his father first. The baby will babble a lot of different sound one by one.

A number of parents wonder if their child sounds “ba” and “ma” by accident or he wants to call them. Maybe that is by chance, but you should answer and repeat that sound. He will call right his dad and mom.

4.    Always draw the attention

In this age, the baby not only receives the attention from another one but also cares for everything around. Then you will see that he begins being shy of the strangers, but he isn’t distinguishing at the moment. Just with a smile and fond eyes, you can immediately become his friend. He always needs and desires your love and care.

The baby knows things what he does, both you like and dislike, draw your attention, since he will make anything to be attended. He creates many lovely actions but when growing up a little, he will be a mischievous child to observe your reactions. Let remember to give praise when he makes a good thing. That is the best way in order to begin teaching your child the bad behavior.  

It’s easy to recognize that he is expanding his attention “performance” not only by crying but also by wriggling, or making a noise. In three month later, he will have an individual way to express what he thinks, what he wants, and what he needs.
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