“We all face many difficulties in resisting alarm rate of pasta and sweets. Use the following seven principles to explore the power of the foods that can slow down the sugar absorption in a natural way for you to eat your favorite food comfortably”.

Description: The Sugar Blockers

If the world has many wishes, many people would dream that we could have snack anywhere, anytime, in other words, a wish that our bodies can automatically use all fat source. The main reason makes our dream become hard to reach is that we did not control our diet. When you consume refined sugar or starch, these foods quickly enter the bloodstream, causing the body to be shocked because of sugar. After that, your body will produce insulin hormone to transport sugar from the bloodstream to the cells. Over time, the amount of overload insulin will make the cells no longer sensitive to the hormone, leading to diabetes and heart disease. Meanwhile, your fat tissue react in contrast, they retain sensitivity, insulin amount has function of blocking fat in tissues, so you can not use them to burn energy.

How do you break this vicious circle and put the body back to optimal performance? First solution is that you need to reduce blood sugar - the cause for the insulin levels increase. This eruption impact is caused from starch, or in other words, things made ​​from potatoes, rice, wheat, corn or other grains (like dishes as pasta, lasagna, white bread, donuts, cookies and cream). You have to give up all tasty dishes, do not worry, there are ways for you to solve the problem without too much diet.

The solution is you can put back the factors that increase blood sugar levels by use natural substances in foods to slow the resolution process of carbohydrate and the process of absorption into the bloodstream. Here are some key functional foods that can block sugar levels effectively and help you maintain fitness and health.

Sugar Blocker 1: Eat a containing fat snack / fat in 10-30 minutes before meals 

Description: Eat a containing fat snack

Reason: You'll feel full longer

Exit of the stomach is a muscle circle known as the pyloric valve. It adjusts speed of food transfer from the stomach to the intestine. This valve adjusts a long pipeline in the stomach and blood glucose. However, you can control pyloric valve to decrease operation speed by eating fatty foods. Fat creates a jet that tighten pyloric valve and slow down the digestion. With just a teaspoon of fat (may be as big as a nut or a slice of cheese), you can successfully implement this tip.

Sugar Blocker 2: Start meals with salad 

Description: Start meals with salad

Reason: Salad helps dissolve starch and sugar

The soluble fiber in plant core such as beans, carrots, apples, and oranges will swell like a sponge in the gut and keep the starches and sugars in small gap between molecules. Because of soluble feature, the soluble fiber will be resolved and release glucose. However, this process will take a long time. The amount of glucose absorption into the bloodstream decreases and makes your body needs less insulin. The best way to ensure you have enough soluble fiber is eating a lot of salad before eating starch

Sugar Blocker 3: Eat a little vinegar 

Description: Eat a little vinegar

Reason: Vinegar slows down the breakdown of starch into sugar

Concentration of acetic acid in vinegar will disable amylase - an enzyme can breakdown starch into sugars (regardless of what vinegar you eat, they all have the same effect), because vinegar is effective only with starch , it has no effect in the absorption of refined sugars. In other words, vinegar will help if you eat bread, but it has no effect when you eat sweets. However, vinegar also has another benefit is to increase the body's sensitivity to insulin.

You should eat vinegar at the beginning of the meal. Mix the vinegar on a salad or sprinkle a few spoons on the meat or vegetables, vinegar will bring the tasty dishes just like salt.

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