Sugar Blocker 4: Have protein in your meal

Description: Have protein in your meal

Reason: Your body will not secrete much insulin

There is a paradox that if you want to reduce the insulin concentration, you need to secrete insulin as soon as possible. It likes the firefighter response to a fire alarm. The earlier the alarm rings, the little firefighters will be dispatched to extinguish fire.

Although the protein does not contain glucose, but it can promote insulin response right from the beginning, then, prevent blood sugar to be too high later, at the same time, reduce the amount of insulin you need to absorb in the meal, so you can comfortably eat meatballs with pasta.

Sugar Blocker 5: Eat medium-cooked vegetables

Description: Eat medium-cooked vegetables

Reason: You'll digest them slower

Both fruits and vegetables contain soluble fiber, but vegetables block sugar more effectively because they contain more fiber and less sugar. Remember not to cook the vegetables too tender, let boil them until soft and keep all soluble fiber. Adding more water so that they do not absorb starch or sugar. Moreover, these crunchy vegetables will be better for the abdomen,with larger pieces of vegetables, the body will take longer to digest, and you will feel full longer. Another tip is grilled vegetables such as roasted cauliflower is often eaten as a side starchy dish.

Sugar Blocker 6: Drink a glass of wine at dinner

Description: Drink a glass of wine at dinner

Reason: your liver will not produce much glucose.

Alcohol has a special function in blocking the amount of sugar in body. Liver usually transfer fat or protein in blood into glucose and supplement glucose from the food that contains carbs. However, when alcohol is absorbed in the meal, it will temporarily stop the production of glucose. A glass of beer, white wine or red wine, or even brandy will reduce blood sugar by 25% per each unit of absorption starch.

However, you should note that alcohol is not only rich of calories, it also slows down the feeling of fullness, makes you eat more and increase calories. Besides, avoid the sweet soluble cocktails, they contain more sugar than you think.

Sugar Blocker 7: Only have sweets at dessert 

Description: Only have sweets at dessert

Reason: All the above reasons

If you eat sweets while stomach is empty, sugar will go straight into the bloodstream without being blocked by fat, soluble fiber, protein, or vinegar. However, if you eat sweets at the end of the meal, you probably already have protection and a perfect locking system. If you want to keep stable blood sugars, stay away from sweets mixed meal, and if you still enjoy this type of foods, let reduce the sweet dishes. However, a few pieces of candy at the end of your meal will help satisfy cravings and have no significant impact to sugar and insulin in blood.

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