Top Fogyish Ways To Take Care Of Your Newborn Baby

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Let’s make a list of rumored tips that have been proved to be wrong.

Infants need bathing every day

The truth is infants don’t get smelly by the sweat like adults. Therefore, they don’t need to take a bath every day. Taking bath too often can make children’s skin dry and dehydrated. The idealist time is to give children a bath every 2 days. However, it’s fine if children do lots of pooping or moms tend to bathe children every day. You just have to remember to provide children with moisturizer.

Description: They don’t need to take a bath every day.

They don’t need to take a bath every day.

It’s necessary to turn off the light and stay quiet completely to help children have good sleep.

The truth is while some infants only sleep at day time, the majority of infants like sleeping with sound and light at a light level. Moreover, do not try to make children get used to sleeping with the light off and quietness. That will cause children to have sleeping difficulties and discomforts in sleeping. When children are sleeping, you should turn on a gentle song and leave a lamp turned on.

Listening to classical music helps to increase children’s IQ index.

The truth is music can vary human’s life, make children happy, soothe their cries, and lure them into sleep… Nonetheless, there’s no specific research confirming that listening to classical music usually can help children’s brain develop or help children have outstanding intelligence. Additionally, you should only let children listen to music less than 3 hours a day and less than 30 minutes each. Listening to music too much can make children pay less attention to your voice, which can lead children to slowness in talking.  

Leave children crying, or they will be spoiled.

The truth is infants who are under 4 months old barely know how to comfort themselves. They often cry to gain people’s attention and like cuddling. As you cradle children when they cry, they will feel the love from you, which makes them feel secure and peaceful. This is the way to help children stop crying. On the other hand, many recent researches show that children who have parents leaving them crying have lower IQ index than others.  

Description: Not comforting children when they’re crying can hurt their feelings.

Not comforting children when they’re crying can hurt their feelings.

It’s necessary to change baby diaper at night or babies will get inflamed.

The truth is children’s urine is completely aseptic, and if they use night diapers, you can stop worrying and go to sleep the whole night. However, if children poop, even just a little, the poop remained in diapers can cause children urinary tract infections and bladder infection, especially in girls. For that reason, if you find strange smell, don’t be hesitate in checking and changing diapers.

It’s important that the nipples and baby bottles need good sterilizations.

Description: In later using, you can just wash them with dedicated wash then wash them again with hot water.

In later using, you can just wash them with dedicated wash then wash them again with hot water.

The truth is sterilizing baby bottles and nipples needs to be done after buying. However, in later using, you can just wash them with dedicated wash,then wash them again with hot water. Infants don’t need to live in an aseptic and over-clean environment. Such environment only limits the developments of children’s immune systems.

Letting children drink formula milk diluted with thin porridge can help them have better sleep and weight gain.

Infants shouldn’t eat anything before 4-6 months old, even the liquids extracted from porridges. Children who drink milk including the liquids have their young digestive system worked too much, which leads to bloating, indigestion and unsound sleeps. Besides, formula milk is standard; combining formula milk with light porridge can denature the matters in the formula milk or even lead to digestive disorder, which makes children lose weight.

Infants need to follow a strict eating schedule and avoid light meals.

Description: You should let infants eat when they want to.

You should let infants eat when they want to.

You should let infants eat when they want to. Infants know when they’re hungry and full. Making them follow a strict eating schedule can easily lead to the fact that babies are fed when they aren’t hungry, and vice versa, which is harmful to their eating. In the worse cases, feeding children when they’re not hungry can make them be sick to eat or lazy eating in the future.

Infants need to drink water everyday

Infants who have breast milk are provided with the necessary amount of water. Breast milk is pure and free from dried milk residues. Children who only have breast milk in the first 6 months of their life don’t need to supplement anything or drink more water.

To children who have formula milk, to avoid furry tongues, you can clean their mouths with a teaspoon of water after they drink milk. However, do not let children drink too much water, or they can have water intoxication. You should take notice of children’s poop and urine. If the urine isn’t yellow, the poop is soft, not lumping or dry and tough, children are well provided with water.

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