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Did your partner rough-house with your baby practically from day one? There may be a scientific explanation for his high jinks. The “love hormone” oxytocin is present in increased levels in both parents after a baby’s birth, but it triggers different responses, spurring women to cuddle and men to clown around, a new research in Biological Psychiatry suggests. So, try not to get after your bubby for winding your baby up – he’s busy bonding.

Babies can veg out too!

Description: Babies can veg out too!

Worried that your vegetarian baby is not getting adequate nutrition? The fact is, some key nutrients are tricky to find in non-meat foods. Here’s our list of suggestions, from Child Advisor Dr. Arun Wadhwa. Consult it to give Baby what she needs:

·         Iron

Vital for: Blood formation and brain development.

Find it: In wholegrains, beans such as soya, or supplements. Iron in plant-based food is harder to absorb, so vegetarians need more than meat eaters do. Vegetarian families usually need iron supplementation – babies need iron drops, and children can be given syrups or tablets.

·         DHA

Description: a DHA powder/ tablets to get the benefits and pass it in to Baby

a DHA powder/ tablets to get the benefits and pass it in to Baby

Vital for: Vision and developmental skills

Find it: Nursing moms can take a supplement such as a DHA powder/ tablets to get the benefits and pass it in to Baby too, as the only significant food source is fish. Babies, once they start solids, can get it from DHA – fortified food, such as yogurt and soya milk.

·         Vitamin B12

Vital for: nervous system development.

Find it: In dairy, eggs, and some fortified foods such as cereal. Else, OTC tablets.

Smart Shot Strategies

A new research sheds light on ways to help improve your baby’s response to her vaccinations, and her protection against disease. Find out how.

Make a p.m. appointment. Long, deep slumber after immunizations can help improve immune response, and infants sleep more soundly when they get vaccines after 1:30 p.m., says a recent Pediatrics study. If only the morning slot is available, talk to your doctor about ways to make the process more comfortable for your baby.

Avoid paracetamol. Although you may be tempted to give your child a dose of medicine to ease her discomfort, paracetamol has been shown to reduce the antibody response to immunizations. Instead, try to distract her during the vaccination, and don’t worry about a low fever post-shot. It’s normal for children to get a slight temperature, but call your doc if it goes over 100.40F.

Milestones: Baby’s Amazing World

Description: Baby’s Amazing World

Your sweet pea is born with well-developed senses that help her adjust to a new and unfamiliar environment. She uses her eyes, ears, nose, and mouth to learn about you – and everything else around her.

Erika Silverman will never forget when the nurse lifted her son onto her bare chest seconds after he was born. “I was amazed to see Oren go from crying to calm as soon as our skin touched,” says Silverman, from North Carolina, US. Oren was comforted by inhaling his mother’s scent, feeling the warmth of her chest, and hearing her voice. “Babies absorb a lot of information with their senses to bond with their caregivers and explore things around them,” says Dr. Lise Eliot, author of What’s Going On in There?: How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life. Learn how your child’s touch, smell, hearing, vision, and taste progress in utero and during the first year, and how you can help them along.

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