As your baby gets older, her needs will change slightly. You may find she’s now ready for “real clothes” rather than just pajamas and onesies, and she may also be ready for more sophisticated equipment as her world increasingly extends beyond your lap.

To wear

  • Your baby will still need regular changing, so be practical and make sure that pants and other items are easy to put on and take off

  • Avoid anything too complicated that will irritate her skin or get in the way of her activities

  • Snaps and well-padded zippers are easier than buttons

  • Make sure that any shirts and sweaters have wide necks

  • Everything should be machine washable

  • You might think about choosing a wardrobe in complementary colors, so that leaks and spills don’t mean a whole new outfit is needed

  • Undershirts with snaps under the crotch will keep your baby warm when shirts or dresses ride up

  • Choose tops that also close over the crotch, to avoid discomfort

  • Make sure all of her clothing is loose and comfortable, and that she isn’t too hot—it’s better to layer thin items than to give your child bulky, heavy clothing to wear

  • Babies do not need shoes until they are confidently walking, but you can keep little feet warm with bootees or simple, soft-leather moccasin-type footwear; they may help keep her socks on, too

  • If she constantly loses her socks, why not consider a pair of tights—these are a good idea for boys, too

  • Try to buy most of your socks in the same color, so you don’t face an endless pile of odd ones; however, there’s nothing wrong with mismatched socks from time to time—just call it your baby’s unique sense of style

  • Make sure that your baby’s outdoor wear has a good hood—babies soon become adept at removing hats… and losing them


  • Teething rings—many babies start showing signs of teething around four months, so be prepared: avoid teethers that are made of PVC, and look for those that can be refrigerated to provide relief from discomfort

  • A chair, which will allow her a wider view of her world, and perhaps allow her to bounce or swing when she moves her feet; something portable is best, so you can move baby from room to room

  • Bath toys, which will hold her attention and make her look forward to sitting in the tub and getting clean

  • A sippy cup—although she’s not ready for solid foods yet, you can encourage her to start to drinking from a training cup

  • A baby toothbrush—her teeth may not be emerging yet, but they’ll be waiting under the surface, so it’s a good idea to get into the habit of cleaning her gums before bedtime; you won’t need toothpaste yet

  • A full-sized crib—most little ones will have outgrown cradles, bassinets, and baskets by this age, and now like to have more space to move around

  • An activity center—these are safer than walkers and can keep your little one preoccupied with toys that spin, rattle, and light up while she gets used to standing, bouncing, and supporting her weight with her legs

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