Laura Whitmore on Her Style Inspiration & Fashion Tips

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TV presenter Laura Whitmore is known for her quirky and unique personal style. She has spoken on where she sources her inspiration from when getting dressed, revealing that she loves street style and often looks through fashion magazines to get ideas too: ''My style has definitely evolved over the years and I dress very differently to my friends which is cool. I look through magazines for fashion inspiration but I mainly look to how others around me, either at home or when aboard, wear it well - I love street-style just to see how other people put outfits together.'' 

Laura has previously worked with Timex where she became a Style Insider for their recent 'Wear it Well' campaign and says she got to interact with many different stylish people from across Britain who inspired her further because they each had very creative ideas: ''Through my work with Timex I have met so many different people on Britain's streets, all who had really individual styles that inspired me to try new things myself. One girl was wearing a slogan bag that I have. I usually only use it for evenings but she was wearing it with her daytime outfit and it looked amazing. I might try that next time I am searching for a cool daytime clutch.''

Offering her own tips to those who wish to dress well, Laura says that it's most important to dress to please yourself but you should also challenge your own sense of fashion by trying new things that you usually wouldn't wear: ''My top tip for looking your best is to dress for yourself, not for anyone else. Even working with a stylist, I wouldn't wear anything she told me to wear unless I was comfortable with it myself. That said, it's good to push yourself out of your style comfort zone every so often to make sure you try new things. I have started wearing brighter colours because I was challenged to try something different and now I love them!''

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