When reading books about physical conditions, you must learn many things such as laying down – sitting up will make your back sore, or jogging is good for your knees, massaging will not relieve muscles as you think in long term (though massage brings very pleasant feeling) or some tips said that sports would bring many benefits to your health, so those who often lie on sofa need to do exercise every 20 minutes. It has to be admitted that some lessons have been proven to convince effectively. Therefore, today I would like to share some tips to help myself keep in shape, relax and have a chance to divert with my husband.

Description: Strong ideas

There are some tips which are very useful to relax and keep fit.


1.    Stand up many times will help you to lose weight:

Description: Try to stand up and lay back down as many times as you can

Try to stand up and lay back down as many times as you can

Despite being the author of several sport books, I myself don’t have to to do it. I also expect a solution to help me not to be pale and unhealthy, or short and tout. As a result, though I’m still pallid due to overworking, I avoid the possibility of significantly overweight because of a study I read in University of Massachusetts.

In this study, volunteers are asked to set aside a day to sit and another day to stand as well as walk continuously. “The difference between two days is that the amount of energy in the second day declines to “hundreds of calories”, Barry Brause, an expert doing research on mechanical movement of the body and the author of the project, explained. Thus, now I often leave the chair when receiving calls and always play music in the office to have a chance to stand while reading book. I admit that I love science researches which can both maintain my beauty (I don’t want to have a huge waist) and satisfy my laziness (just to stand up only)

2.    Enjoy milk chocolate:

Description: Brownie-like cookies with milk chocolate

Brownie-like cookies with milk chocolate

Researches on nutrition recommend that to have a fit body, you should eat or drink immediately after doing exercise to help muscles recover. If you eat food containing carbohydrate and protein, your muscles will get better completely. If food is low-fat milk chocolate, the efficiency is much better because it composes of the ideal ratio between carbs and protein. That study shows that those who drink milk chocolate right after doing exercise will get energy back faster than those who use sport drinks. However, please notice that if you don’t doing hard activities in at least 45 minutes, you don’t need to improve by milk chocolate. By this fascinating secret, I have motivation to do exercise a few times per week.

3.    Brush teeth on one leg

Description: Brush teeth

Before writing books, I swear that I didn’t recognize problems of balancing. Then I did as advice of Jay Hertel, PhD, professor of University of Virginia, who studies about unbalance. I tested myself by standing on one leg and almost stumbled along with hit my head to the wall. Since then, I have begun to practice. My exercise schedule contains a strange activity: brush teeth on one leg. “It may seem so ridiculous” – Hertel said, “But if you practice this posture for 2 minutes a day, you practice the habit of balance. Furthermore, after a couple of months I have brushed teeth and reeled, my husband started to tease me, and it turns out to be a way helping our married life happier.

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