Ways to save… at a salon or spa

Beauty – tricks that’ll help you look gorgeous – even if your bank balance is hideous

Get framed

The front of the face is what people notice first. So when it comes to colouring, ask your stylist to do only the hair that frames your face or through your parting – you’ll pay half the price. It revives your look without denting your wallet.

Wait it out

If you want to get a good deal at a spa, wait for special occasions. “The best specials are always around Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day,” says Lab Kekana, a booking consultant from Hands on retreat in Joburg.

The real deal

Sites like Groupon and Daddy’s Deals make it easier to keep up with the latest savings. You get discounts from 70 to 90 percent on spa treatments, hair and beauty deals.

Trim your fringe (sans tears)

Clean up your fringe three to four weeks after a hairstylist has cut it. “It’s easier to follow the original shape if you cut it before it gets overly shaggy,” says Cape Town-based hairstylist, Gloria Adams.

1.    Wash, dry and style your hair as usual.

2.    Pull your hair back into a ponytail so your fringe is hanging in your face.

3.    Starting at the arch of one eyebrow, use mail scissors to snip vertically (never cut horizontally) until you reach the arch of your other eyebrow, removing just over half a centimetre of length along the way.

Touch up your roots (sans relaxer)

Extend the time between relaxer treatments not only because you want to save money, but also because it’s good for your locks. Joburg hairstylist Zodwa Hlangana says it’s best to relax your hair every three months. Here are simple ways to take care of your hair after relaxing:

1.    Deep condition your hair at least once a week to keep it clean.

2.    Apply hair food – this will ensure your tresses stay healthy.

3.    Blow-dry with either a brush or comb, then style as desired.

(Note: if you’re finding hair all over your pillow or clothes, it’s time for a touch-up. Shedding occurs when the hair is dehydrated, brittle and stressed at the point where your new growth meets your relaxer. Relax your hair to prevent breakage.)

Ways to save… at the supermarket

Nutrition – sure, scouring the aisles for specials helps, but you can save even more rands with these healthy eating tips.

Become a member

Description: Replace those credit cards with store loyalty cards, like PnP Smart Shopper or Woolworths rewards cards

“Make a habit of purchasing goods with cash. Replace those credit cards with store loyalty cards, like PnP Smart Shopper or Woolworths rewards cards. It will shave rands off your grocery bill while helping you to consolidate debt by avoiding your credit card,” says equity analyst B. Nteyi from Kagiso Asset Management.

Don’t be a basket case

Dashing into the shop to pick up a few things? Don’t grab a basket. “If you’re limited to what you can carry, you’re more likely to avoid impulse purchases,” says David Grotto, author of 101 Foods That Could Save Your Life. Simple and smart. We like.

 Make a list

Description: Build a Weekly Meal Plan on a Budget

This is the cardinal rule of shopping. When you abandon the list you’re likely to impulse buy and that’s how shopping gets out of control. Your list is a reminder of your grocery needs: the staples you’re out of and the food you need for upcoming meals – stick to it!

Go it alone

Your partner may insist on filet mignon instead of the chicken that’s on sale; your kids may bug you for chocolate biscuits. Go solo and you’re more likely to stick to your list.

Cook once, eat twice

Dietician Margaret Hays suggests stocking up weekly on larger items so you can make two nights’ worth of meals at once. “Roast a chicken for dinner that night, then whip up a chicken salad the next,” she says. You can also cut up veggies and garlic to roast for the week – just chuck in the oven with some olive oil for quick meals at night.

Eat breakfast – all day long

Breakfast foods – eggs, fruit, cereal, oats – tent to be the most nutritious and inexpensive foods you can eat all day, plus they fill you up so you won’t binge later. One of the easiest ways to cut down on costs while boosting your nutrition is to eat breakfast foods for lunch and dinner occasionally. “Omelettes make quick and nutritious meals,” says Hays.

Get the edge

“A quality knife is one of the best investment buys you can make for your kitchen,” says WH’s food editor Nikki Werner. “By caring for it correctly and having it sharpened regularly by a professional, it will see you through many years of cooking.”

Her sharp tip? “Don’t store the knife in a drawer cluttered with other utensils. This will blunt the blade more easily. A wall-mounted magnetized strip that your knives can cling to works well.”

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