In pregnancy, the skin of pregnant women often tends to bad condition, so how to improve this situation?

Description: Many foods beautify pregnant women’s skin

Many foods beautify pregnant women’s skin

During pregnancy, the skin’s common problems are browned, pregnant women tanning, melasma, dry skin, acnes. Using skin cream or beauty products during pregnancy is not recommended because they can cause adverse effects on fetus. So how to improve skin’s pregnant women?

According to experts, a scientific and reasonable diet in pregnancy can help pregnant women improve their bad skin condition. Pregnancy should supplement regularly foods that are beneficial to the skin but provide nutrients for the baby.


Vitamin E in avocados helps disable the agent damaging to the skin of pregnant women; and according to researchers, there are no fruits that contain as much nutrient as avocado. The avocado also contains the plenty of antioxidant glutathione – helping prevent early ageing for the skin.

Green tea

Green tea contains full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. Drinking green tea is not only helps cool body but also helps pregnant women prevent skin’s inflammation caused by acnes and prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Description: Sweet potatoes are recommended food to use in pregnancy

Sweet potatoes are recommended food to use in pregnancy

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are recommended food to use in pregnancy because of effect on anti-constipation and hemorrhoids efficiently. In addition, this food is rich in vitamins C, E, and beta-carotene which are good for the skin, particularly help reduce wrinkles effectively.


Blueberries contain more antioxidants, vitamin C that assist to synthesize collagen - one of the major protein structures of the skin. Pregnant women prefer this food very much.


Omega -3 in flaxseed helps maintain smoothly skin pigmentation for pregnant women. Besides, flaxseed also contains linoleic acid which influences on keeping the skin smooth and soft. The nuts are always encouraged to use during pregnancy because they are rich in omega-3 - good for baby’s brain development.


Not only does tomato contain plenty of vitamin C, but it also contains lycopene - an antioxidant that helps to prevent sunshine affecting the skin. It is necessary to complement tomatoes into the daily diet pregnant women.


Walnuts are known as food rich in beta-carotene, vitamin E and alpha linoleic that make your skin soft and smooth. Moreover, walnuts contain an abundant amount of zinc, which helps skin healed faster. These nutrients are also essential for the baby.

Description: Lemon is used for many pregnant women to beautify because it is very safe

Lemon is used for many pregnant women to beautify because it is very safe


Lemon is able to effectively resist oxygenating due to high content of citric acid which helps to prevent the tanning pigment, clean the skin and remove dead cells, and thoroughly eliminate the burnt. Besides, using lemon for bath every day brings you a smooth and soft skin.

Soya beans

High level of vitamin E in soya beans help to inhibit chemical activities of free radicals causing skin aging and prevent melanin of the skin. Cooking sweet soup with soya, green beans and red beans every day is also good for removing melasma.


Drink milk every day to stimulate activity of skin cells, increase skinny elasticity, encourage metabolism and moisturize the skin. Every day in the morning and evening, eating a small bowl of sweet soup cooked from 20gram almonds, 300ml milk, 20gram powder black sesame and 20ml soya milk would be very effective on treating melasma.


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