Get up and go, um, got up and gone? Power up your day the caffeine-free way with these simple sense-stimulating tricks.

Smell the coffee

You don’t have to down a jitter-inducing double latte for an energy kick – just give it a sniff! “When you smell coffee, your body assumes a caffeine hit will follow, so the scent alone stimulates a more awake state,” says Dr Alan Hirsch, neurological director of the Smell and Taste Foundation. Next time you’re working late, burn a Busy Bee Cafe Au Lait candle, £15.95 (busybeecandles.co.uk) to stay focused.

Play DJ

A new study suggests music can cause energy levels to soar. But not all tunes are equal (as anyone who lives with an Olly Murs fan knows). The more you like a song, the bigger the energy-boosting dopamine boost, so make a slump-busting playlist and crank it up – Rihanna never fails to keep us focused on a Friday afternoon.

Tea off

Brain defaulting to sleep mode? Learning to trigger the area that regulates wakefulness – your reticular activating system (RAS) – can snap you out of it. How? “Jasmine, peppermint and zesty citrus flavours get your RAS firing,” explains Dr Hirsch. Pop a slice of lemon in a mug of hot water or brew a pot of peppermint tea for a caffeine-free way to ward off the 3pm crash.

See red

According to US psychologists, seeing the colour red increases energy and efficiency. Deploy it where you’ll see it most; coat your nails with a flash of Chanel Rouge Carat, £18. When shuffling your CV in an interview, it’ll keep you sparky, even if you’ve been up half the night preparing.

Feel the (acu) pressure

Using your right hand, measure three fingers down horizontally from the crease of your left wrist and you’ll find the “pericardium 6” point, famed for amping up energy. Acupuncturist kate Winstanley from The Food Doctor clinic says, “In Chinese medicine, this point protects and stimulates the heart, and applying pressure for a few seconds will pick you up and calm you down.” Double whammy.

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