Personal trainer and sprinter puts together a partner workout that’ll shape, tone, strengthen both your bodies!

The Workout

Warm up: Skip/run/use a cross-trainer for 5-10 minutes Use a foam roller to further prepare key muscle groups and then do some dynamic stretches – such as walking lunges, arm swings and trunk rotations.

1.    Medicine Ball Sit Ups

Derryn says, “A great ab exercise, control the movement up and down.”

How to perform: Sit facing each other - with your feet on the inside of your partner’s legs. Take the medicine ball and lower down back onto the ground holding it overhead. Come forward, by crunching your abs and pass the ball to your partner. Your partner then performs the exercise.

Do: 10 reps each

Medicine Ball Sit Ups

Medicine Ball Sit Ups

2.    Medicine Ball Rotational Passes

Derryn says, “The twist and resistance of the med ball will fire up your oblique and do wonders for your waist.”

How to perform: Stand back-to-back and pass the medicine ball to each other in the same direction for 10 reps, then change direction for another 10 repetitions.

Medicine Ball Rotational Passes

Medicine Ball Rotational Passes

3.    Medicine Ball Squat & Throw

Derryn says, “A dynamic all body exercise that’ll seriously burn calories.”

How to perform: Stand about 10m from each other. Take hold of the medicine ball and squat. As you stand up throw the medicine ball to your partner. Your partner should catch the ball and squat immediately and repeat the exercise i.e throwing the ball to you at the top of their squat.

Do: 20 throw each

Medicine Ball Squat & Throw

Medicine Ball Squat & Throw

4.    Resistance Band Sprints

Derryn says, “Both of you will get a great workout here! The sprinter should drive their arms and legs powerfully… partner be ready!”

How to perform: Take hold of the resistance band having wrapped it around your partner’s waist. Hold it firmly and assume a ready position. Pull the band while your partner sprints 30 meters. Swap positions and repeat.

Do: 10 Sprints each

5.    Medicine Ball Chest Pass

Derryn says, “A great way to strengthen your chest and upper body. Don’t switch off when you are the catcher, brace your body and absorb the impact.”

How to perform: Hold the medicine ball close to your chest and press the ball away dynamically to throw it to your partner. Your partner catches the ball and returns it to you.

Do: 10 passes each

Medicine Ball Chest Pass

Medicine Ball Chest Pass

6.    Rope Pulls on the Sled

Derryn says, “This is tough. Lower your body and use your legs as you pull.”

How to perform: Tie a battle-rope to the sled and sit on the sled. Your partner should then hold the battle-rope at the end, walk back and pull the sled towards them. Swap positions.

Do: 5 pulls each

Rope Pulls on the Sled

Rope Pulls on the Sled

7.    Medicine Ball Slams

Derryn says, “Use your whole body to power the ball into the ground including your abs.”

How to perform: Stand with the medicine ball above your head and using your whole body slam it down as hard as possible into the ground. Your partner collects/catches the rebound and performs a slam.

Do: 10 ball slams each

Medicine Ball Slams

Medicine Ball Slams

8.    Wheel Barrow walks

Derryn says, “This moving plank will strengthen your abs, lower back and shoulders and your partner’s core and upper body at the same time.”

How to perform: Pick your partner up by the feet so that they are on their hands. Support them whilst they wheel-barrow walk for 20m. Swap positions and repeat.

Do: 5 x 20m each

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