Q: How can I convince my mother that her analgesics are causing her headaches?
A: You may find it difficult to convince your mother that she is having a medication overuse headache. You can provide her with information about migraine and the different treatment options, and give her the names of headache specialists in your area. Encourage her to seek help by pointing out that she will have the opportunity to experience more headache-free days.
Q: How can I help my friend when she has a severe migraine attack?
A: It is very important that people who are having a migraine attack stop what they are doing and take their medications. You can assist your friend by offering to help with home responsibilities, such as preparing meals, or work commitments. She may need help with transportation, child care, or shopping as well. Often, knowing they have someone to depend upon during an attack can be helpful to people in reducing stress.
Q: My husband has severe migraine but he will not do anything about it. What can I do?
A: Your husband may be like many people who wait for their migraine to go away. You need to be gentle in sharing information with him about migraine. If he is having a severe attack, it is not the ideal time to remind him that he needs to do something about his migraine. What you can do is help him reduce stress, perhaps by participating in an exercise program with him, and provide more migraine-friendly food choices. When he is feeling well, encourage him to learn more about migraine.
Q: My friend has migraine. How can I help her with her treatment?
A: People who have migraine are very appreciative when friends and family express an interest in helping them with their illness. You can help your friend in many ways. You can offer to help with her daily chores, shopping, or errands. You can offer to prepare migraine-friendly dishes or suggest that you exercise with your friend. Most of all, having someone who understands the problems goes a long way in helping a person deal with his or her new lifestyle.
Q: What should I do when my wife has a migraine attack?
A: Those who live with people at risk of migraine attacks can encourage them to start treatment as soon as an attack starts. Encourage your wife to stop what she is doing and use her abortive therapy. While she rests, prepare a snack and offer her water; eating and drinking will help abort the migraine attack. Make the environment migraine-friendly by reducing glare and noise. If the attack has not been completely aborted in 2 hours, encourage your wife to treat it again. The day after a migraine attack, offer assistance because it is important that she does not overexert herself.
Q: My 10-year-old daughter has migraine. How do I deal with her school?
A: You need to communicate with the school officials about your daughter’s chronic illness. Having written instructions regarding diet, hydration, and physical activity will help teachers understand your child’s special healthcare requirements. It is important that you provide the school nurse with medications and instructions for abortive therapy. Emphasize the importance of early treatment for a migraine attack. If the attack is not completely aborted within a couple of hours, the school needs to send the child home for repeat medication and rest.
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