You are 10 Weeks and 2 Days 208 days to go…

Will it be a boy or a girl? Significant changes are taking place that enable your baby’s sexual organs to develop.

Your baby today

The baby’s head is just under half the length of his body. His limbs are still relatively short but the hands and feet can look quite big. Early basic trunk and limb movements are taking place but it’s too early to feel them at this stage.

Hormones are influencing your unborn baby’s development and the ovaries or testes now begin to form. The testes will gradually descend but there structural development won’t be complete until your child hits puberty. The ovary will produce eggs but these will remain in the early stages of development.

A minute genital tube forms the external genitalia but each sex appears the same at this stage. This is not entirely surprising since the phallus is only 0.09 in (2.5 mm) long. Your baby’s bladder and rectum have now separated. The kidneys will take some time to fully develop: two buds grow up from the bladder to the tissue that will become the kidneys, one on each side. These so-called uteric buds form the ureters—the tubes that transport urine from the kidney to the bladder. The ureteric bud must successfully fuse with the kidney tissue in the pelvis. As the ureteric buds expands upward, the early kidneys developing in the pelvis will move upward to lie in the abdomen.

… Doctor
Q: I have hay fever. Can I take antihistamines?
A: The potential effects of taking antihistamines in pregnancy aren’t known, so it’s best to err on the side of caution and not take them. However, if your symptoms are very severe, see your doctor since there is one antihistamine available by prescription that can be taken during pregnancy.
… Twins
A shared support system

Nonidentical twins are always in separate amniotic sacs with a placenta each. If your babies are identical (from one fertilized egg) they may share the same placenta and/or amniotic sac, with a single membrane called the chorion surrounding them. These are known as monochorionic twins and will require greater monitoring. The arrangement of the placenta and amniotic sacs can be analyzed on an ultrasound scan.

When twins share a placenta, a blood vessel directly connects them. This can cause one twin to receive too much blood, which can cause heart problems; the other twin will get too little blood and not grow at the correct rate. This is called twin-to-twin transfusion and happens in about 10–15 percent of monochorionic pregnancies. The imbalance can sometimes be corrected by draining amniotic fluid from around the twin with the greater blood supply, or by using laser treatment to seal off some blood vessels in the placenta. An early delivery may be necessary.

You are 10 Weeks and 3 Days 207 days to go…

You may begin to notice some discomfort around your pelvis as your body begins to accommodate your growing uterus.

Your baby today

This color 2D ultrasound scan shows a baby lying on its back with its head to the right. This is the ideal position when measuring the crown (head) to rump (bottom) length to accurately date the pregnancy: it simply measures in a straight line.

Having a few minor aches and pains during pregnancy is nothing to be concerned about. They occur because the ligaments and muscles of your pelvis are stretching to fit your ever-growing uterus. This can cause some discomfort but should be manageable. If the pain you’re experiencing does become crampy, like period pain, and there is any bleeding, or if the pain becomes very severe and constant, then you should go to the doctor or the hospital to be checked. You will be examined to rule out a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

… Nutritionist
Q: I’m allergic to dairy products. What can I eat to make sure my baby gets the nutrients these provide?
A: Dairy products are an excellent source of protein, calcium (which is required for the development of your baby’s teeth and bones), some B vitamins, and a little iron. And milk contains vitamins A and D. Eat foods that provide the same nutrients:
  • For calcium: leafy green vegetables, particularly broccoli and kale; fish with soft, edible bones, such as salmon (canned is fine), whitebait, and sardines; calcium-fortified soy milk.

  • For vitamin A: brightly colored vegetables, meats, eggs, and liver. Although most nutritionists do not recommend liver during pregnancy, if you aren’t getting much vitamin A in your diet, a little will not harm.

  • For vitamin D: eggs. Vitamin D is also found in most fish.

  • For vitamin E: eggs, canned salmon, fortified orange juice and cereals, and fatty fish. As long as you’re getting plenty of other sources of these key nutrients, your baby’s health will not be adversely affected.

… Safety
Bon voyage

Whether you’re going on vacation or on a business trip, it’s important to be prepared:

  • Check you’re healthy enough to travel—speak to your doctor.

  • Find out whether you need any vaccinations and discuss these with your doctor . It’s advisable to avoid traveling to areas where there is a high risk of disease while you’re pregnant if at all possible.

  • Get travel insurance and make sure it covers you during pregnancy.

  • Carry your prenatal records with you at all times and stay within reach of medical help.

  • Don’t stay seated for long periods in transit and stay hydrated. Wear support socks to reduce the risk of DVT .

  • Wear adequate sun protection if you’re going to a hot climate.

  • Be careful about what you eat and drink bottled water.

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