8. Be Your Own Best Friend

Only you really know what you need. Only you can make it happen for yourself.

Only you can decide what is good for you, what is bad for you, what can make your life better, or what will make it worse. Be an advocate for yourself. Stand up for what you need. If you don’t manage your stress, who will? A best friend should know you like he knows himself. Be your own best friend, and that’s exactly what you’ll have.

9. Take an Anti-Stress Vacation

It’s vacation time. Do you know where you are going? Another visit to see relatives? Another cross-country drive with six people in the minivan? Another trek from one tourist attraction to the next? If your vacation stresses you out just thinking about it, you are missing the point of a vacation. Vacations are for relaxation and renewal, a purposefully fulfilling break from your regular routine. Make the most of your vacation weeks to super-power your stress management.

10. Clear Out Unnecessary Stress

You can change your life for the better simply by clearing out the stress that doesn’t have to be there and managing the stress that does. You can feel better today, and you can feel even better in a few days, a few weeks, a few months, a few years. Stress management is for life, and with little changes here and there, with vigilance, with monitoring, and with a continued commitment to maximizing your individual potential by minimizing the things that are holding you back, things can only look up.

11. Get to Know Yourself

Know thyself, know thy stress. You are worth your own time. The more you know about yourself, the more you’ll understand about what stresses you out and what you can do about it. Pay attention to how you feel. Write it down. Keep track, and you’ll understand more about what needs to be done and why you do the things you do when life gets stressful. Also, keep building your stress management network. Nobody can do it all alone. Let your friends and family help you, and be there to help them, too.

12. Stay True to Yourself and Keep It in Perspective

If you can break past the barriers, you can be that person you know you are inside. Trust in yourself and have confidence in yourself, even when it seems like nobody else does. Only you know your true potential. When things seem out of control, step back to gain perspective. Ask yourself: What will this mean in the scheme of things? What are your options? What are some alternate strategies? Is it worth letting go of this one?

13. Control What You Can, Accept What You Can’t

You don’t have to accept the negative effects of stress on your body, mind, and spirit. You don’t have to agree to do everything you are asked. You don’t have to be overwhelmed, overscheduled, or overworked. If you can control it, figure out a way to control it.

You do have control over what you say, do, and, in some cases, feel. You don’t, however, have control over what other people say, do, or feel. If you can’t control it, you might as well accept it. Anything else is just a waste of energy.

14. Take Care of Yourself

Stress is just something that happens to us, that’s all. It doesn’t impact who you are inside, and its presence in your life says nothing about you, except, perhaps, that you are human. But if stress is hurting you, you can make it stop. Commit to yourself, commit to stress management, commit to being happy, and you’ll find that it’s looking like fair weather on the road ahead.

You deserve to love yourself and feel good about yourself, no matter what your imperfections. If you take care of yourself, you’ll be in the best possible state to take care of others.

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