There are times in life when everyone needs a little change. A new hairdo, a new pair of shoes, a different route to work or a vacation is usually enough to make your daily grind a little more bearable. But if rearranging furniture or coloring your hair isn't quite enough, your life can soon become repetitive and constrictive. Before you tumble too far down into the blues, it might be time to change something big in your life. A new job, a new city or even a new relationship just might be in order.

Signs You are in Desperate Need of a Change

You dread waking up in the morning

Almost all of us have a little bit of trouble getting ourselves out of bed from time to time. However, if you experience an existential crisis every morning trying to pull yourself out of bed, you might need to reevaluate your life. Stress exists in everyone's day, but if yours is keeping you up at night and making it hard to get up in the morning, you need to move on. Although it is easy to stay in your rut, there's nothing for you there except repetition and sleep deprivation. 

You may need to rethink your career path. Ask yourself a few basic questions about your job. Is this just a job? If I remain with this company, where do I see myself five years? In 10 years? Does this company have good employee relationships? Is it enough? Keep in mind that no matter where you end up, you won't always be 100 percent happy with your job, but you shouldn't be miserable either. If your career is stagnant and unfulfilling, or causing more problems than it is solving, it is time to look for other avenues.

You avoid you own home

If you find yourself sitting in your driveway because you can't stand the thought of stepping into your home, you may need a change. Whether you live solo or have a house full of kids and pets, having some time to yourself is crucial. But if your home is just more stress rather than a place for you to relax, it is time to rethink where you rest your head.

You may need to evaluate your relationships or your living situation. If you dread stepping into the house every night, what, or who, are you avoiding? Are you avoiding the house itself or your partner? Are you hiding from your roommates, or is the condition of your home causing your stress? If the building itself is at fault, it may be time to think about selling or updating your home. Remodeling a bathroom, swapping kitchen appliances or tiling the floors will not only add value to your home, but will also help to add value to your days off. Accomplishing difficult tasks and bettering your home may be just the thing to make life a little better.

However, if your relationships make you feel less than content at home, the fix isn't quite so easy. First, speak to your significant other or roommates about why they are adding stress to your life; even if there are problems, communication can make them easier to bear. Counseling is also an option. If you have put in the effort to mend your relationship and you still feel this way, it may be time to move out and move on.

You find yourself lazing about when you should be busy

It is nice to lie in front of the television for a bit and let your mind relax after a long, hard day. But if you find yourself glued to the tube when there is a mile-high pile of laundry and no food in the pantry, you probably need to shake things up. Stagnating in front of your computer or becoming part of the couch is not good for your mind, your body or your health.

You may need to reinvent part of your life. Invigorate your personal life by doing something that makes you uncomfortable. Try sometime new, and not just a different kind of latte during your AM coffee run. Everyone has dreams; are you working to fulfill any of your lifelong ambitions? If your life doesn't feel complete, it's time to drag yourself off of the couch and back into the world to find the missing pieces.

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