4.    Hee-haw

Reps: 12

Targets: Quadriceps, glutes, arms and shoulders, while also stretching and lengthening the front of your thighs to help avoid bulk.

·         Kneel on the floor with your abs engaged and shoulders back, a dumbbell in each hand (a)

·         Keeping your arms straight, raise your arms to chest height.

·         Lean back as far as you are comfortable, without bending your spine (b), then return to the starting position by using your quads (fronts of the thighs)

Description: Hee-haw

5.    Tummy tuck

Reps: 10 each side

Targets: Hamstrings, glutes, core, arms and shoulders. This is a great total body move for all over toning.

·         Begin in a plank position with your wrists in line with your shoulders and your belly button pulled into your spine.

·         Slowly and controlled, bring your right knee towards your right elbow and pull in your abdominal muscles (a). Finish the move by kicking your right leg back behind you, squeezing your glutes at the top of the move (b)

·         Lower your leg back to the floor and repeat

Description: Tummy tuck

Don’t forget to breathe throughout this exercise!

6.    Chest flab be gone

Reps: 15

Targets: Hamstring, glutes, core, chest and arms. Great for toning that stubborn area where your chest meets your arms, just by your armpit.

·         Begin in a bridge position on your back, with your hips in the air and your arms above your chest (a)

·         Keeping your elbow soft, lower your dumbbells out to the side, stopping just a few inches off the floor (b)

·         Fly your dumbbells back in, squeezing your chest as you do so.

·         Keep your abs engaged and your back in a straight line throughout.

Description: Chest flab be gone

7.    Waist twists

Reps: 24 (12 each side)

Targets: Lower abs, tops of thighs and lower back.

·         Start in a V-sit position with your shoulders and legs off the floor and your abs engaged. Raise your hands to your chest.

·         Draw your left elbow towards your right knee as you twist to the right (a).

·         Slowly returning back to the centre before repeating to the opposite side (b)

Description: Waist twists

Break a sweat with these cardio workouts

Try HIIT – high-intensity interval training:

·         HIIT the treadmill

Walk on an incline for two minutes, and then sprint as fast as you can for one minute. Repeat five to eight more times.

·         HIIT bike ride

Warm up on a Spin or road bike for 10 minutes. Stand and pedal all-out for 30 seconds, then sit and cruise at a moderate pace for 30 seconds. Go easy for three minutes. Repeat five more times.

·         HIIT running session

Warm up with a brisk walk or jog, then sprint for 30 seconds. Slow down to a light jog or walk for two minutes. Repeat six to 10 times.

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