Here, we will tell you some different tips that may help prolong your life.

Description: Secret of longevity

Secret of longevity

Recently, scientists in UK (London's University College) stated, practicing reasonable lifestyle can minimize the risk of premature death by 35%.

1.     Limit the time for watching TV

In current era, many of us were "drowned" because of "information storm" – people are bombarded by dense clouds of useless information through the internet and TV channels 24 hours a day. All impair the ability of concentration and attached string among human beings.

Please check how much time per week you spend watching TV, surfing the internet and sending message. In next week, try to shorten that time by 25%.

Take advantage of the time saved by that way for entertainment in the arms of the natural world and meeting friends.

Continue limiting the time for watching television and surfing the internet, while leaving more and more attention to what's happening in real life - if you feel satisfied with the results.

2.     The menu of anti-inflammatory

It can be considered inflammatory status in the body is normal, but remember, they have the power of destroy.

They prove dangerous when the immune system mistakenly attacks its own tissue in diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Inflammatory state is not treated can lead to depression syndrome.

Description: Menu of anti-inflammatory can prolong the life

Menu of anti-inflammatory can prolong the life

Dr. Andrew Weil’s menu of anti-inflammatory based on food products which are selected and unprocessed with the idea to cut down infection and give the body a plenty of vitamin.

The menu includes fresh vegetables and fruits, fish and seafood, the healthy cereal products and olive oil.

3.     Laughter

Laughter and smiles are powerful tools for improving psychological state. Laughter yoga is one of methods to elicit smiles effectively. This method is built by Hindu doctor Madan Kataria more than two decades.

The first "Laughter club" was established in March 1995 just gathered not enough 100 members. Now there are such over 6,000 organizations in 60 different countries with many thousands of members.

The method used in laughter club is very simple. After a short time of warm up and breathing exercises, attenders activate laugh by themselves, emits a powerful sound "ha ha" and "hoo hoo".

The forced laughter will turn into spontaneous and innocent laughter in a moment; it can last 30 minutes or even longer.

There was lots of evidence to prove that regular participation in this type of meetings effect on improving health status in many sides, including lowering stress hormone levels, kortyzol.

4.     Physical effort

Mission of the human body is moving. It seems that physical inactivity lifestyle nowadays is the main culprit leading to depression syndrome. Many depressed patients thanks to exercise regularly and dedicatedly got improved performance similar with others practicing meditation.

Many forms of physical effort - such as aerobic, yoga, weightlifting, and walking bring very good mood status. A typical treatment program lasts from 8 to 14 weeks, in which 2-3 sessions a week lasting at least 20 minutes.

In the treatment of depression and fear states, operating with moderate intensity of the body as walking gives greater efficiency than energy-intensive exercise.

Dr. Andrew Weil is a fervent adherents of school called integration efforts - types of activities such as gardening or cycling to work. Most of them frequently join these physical activities more easily than weightlifting or running on electronic path.

5.     Gratitude

The same as forgiveness, gratitude can act to take effect in improving psychological state efficiently.

The implementation of "gratitude diary" is a very good method. Spending a little time every day or at least once a week to remember all the work that we need to thank someone can improve comfortable feeling during next 2-3 weeks.

Less common method, Dr. Andrew Weil himself practices based on spending 5-10 minutes early morning every day for meditation, to remember what needs to thank the previous day.

Today, after several years of applying this method, Dr. Andrew Weil found that this action has created for the body an automatic reflex to remember all kinds of gifts, which you yourself feel gratitude such as imagine of some wild flowers blooming in the garden or the scene of beautiful sunset.

Dr. Andrew Weil said that in all the exercises mentioned in this article, attempt to express gratitude has the most important role to achieve happiness.

6.     Forgiveness

The Western idiom said, tolerance is the key to happiness, and modern research also confirmed the faith in long time. Healthy lifestyle indicated those who is able to quickly and easily forgive others will have better emotional health.

7.     Fish Oil

Reasonable concentrations of nutrients in the blood have intimate relationships with emotional health. The potential compounds in fish oils (fatty acids EPA and DHA in Omega-3) has special significance for the prevention of many dangerous diseases and depressive syndrome.

Description: It is necessary to have a reasonable exercise schedule

It is necessary to have a reasonable exercise schedule

8.     Breathing correctly

The mastery of breathing consciously allows reaching for wisdom. Try breathing methods 4 – 7 – 8, also known as relaxation breathing. Sit up forwards. The tongue should touch the upper palate after your teeth during practicing.

Inhale the air into lungs through the mouth in way of the air flowing over the tongue. Then discharge all through the mouth.

Close mouth, breathe air into lungs through nose and mentally calculate to 4. Keep the air in lungs and count to 7. Following exhale hard via mouth, mentally calculate to 8. It's a complete respiratory cycle.

Repeat entire cycle three times. This exercise will promote relaxation effect for the nervous system the natural way.

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