Tips and tricks to try today

Kilojoule count

Build a winning weight-loss salad with our top five list of low-kilojoule choices

Leafy greens

Why? Skip nutrient-poor, boring iceberg and load up on tastier and healthier lettuces, spinash and mixed greens

How much? The sky’s the limit.

Description: Leafy greens

Leafy greens


Why? Loaded with protein, fibre and nutrients, legumes like chickpeas make you feel fuller faster and stay fuller longer.

How much? About two tablespoons (165kJ).

Description: Legumes


Fresh vegetables

Why? They’re low in kilojoules but high in nutrition and fibre. Go for unprocessed picks (broccoli, tomatoes, green beans, carrots) with lots of colour and diversity. Steer clear of kilojoule-laden dressed vegetable salads such as coleslaw and potato salad.

How much? Keep starchy vegetables (like corn and potatoes) to about ¼ cup (125kJ), otherwise there’s no limit.

Description: Tomatoes



Why? To increase salad satisfaction, choose a full-fat cheese with more flavour (such as grated Parmesan, crumbled feta or blue cheese), but use it sparingly.

How much? About 1 tablespoon (105kJ).

Description: Cheese



Why? They’ve rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and flavour.

How much? A little goes a long way, so limit this kilojoule-dense pick to about 2 tablespoons sliced or 3 or 4 whole olives (125kJ).

Description: Olives


 Do the Maths

1 Jungle Berries Energy Bar (749kJ each) = 4 Jungle Cranberry Lite Energy Bars (179,5kJ each)

Description: 1 Jungle Berries Energy Bar (749kJ each) = 4 Jungle Cranberry Lite Energy Bars (179,5kJ each)

Get together to Slim down

You’re more likely to lose weight if you join a commercial slimming programme than if you follow your doctor’s advice, according to a recent UK study. Of the 740 slimmers researchers tracked, those who went to a slimming group for three months lost up to three times as much weight as those given diet advice by their doctor or pharmacist. This could be because programme provide a bigger morale boost and diet leaders are inspiring, having lost weight themselves.

Description: Get together to Slim down

Get together to Slim down

Take a nap…to resist temptation

Researchers from McLean Hospital in Massachusetts in the US hooked people up to functional-MRI machines and showed them pictures of high-kilojoule goodies (like chocolate cake). Those who had earlier reported daytime sleepiness had lower activity in ‘willpower-regulating’ areas of the brain than when they viewed photos of salad or fruit. If your sleep gets cut short, a siesta may help strengthen your resolve, says lead author Dr William Killgore.

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