The most beautiful beach in the south of equator is definitely Bondi Beach. This perfect crescent moon is in the general consciousness via the Life Saving Club of Bondi Surf Bathers, a group of rescue workers saved 180 people from the big waves in 1938 and created the rescue club culture in Baywatch, Bondi Rescue and Bondi Vet. Bondi has gone a long way since the checker measured bikini size to ensure "public politeness" on the 1950s, today beach is filled with red-brown body wearing tiny pieces of cloth. Nude sunbathing is prevalent, long swimwears and shorts of course are outdated.

The most beautiful beach in the south of equator is definitely Bondi Beach

The most beautiful beach in the south of equator is definitely Bondi Beach

The southern end of Bondi has big waves, where the cold Pacific attracts the Sydney people to go out. It is wonderful to see the receding tide and the wet surfers surfing over big waves and coming back to the shore on the giant waves. The rookie can learn and rent board at Lets Go Surfing (

From Bondi to Coogee beach is a spectacular coastal road. Going to the south along the jagged cliffs to Tamarama, which called "Glamarama", and cute Bronte, passing Waverley Cemetery, where the keystone of 19th century owns the wonderful Pacific scene. Let's go to Clovelly to swim with snorkel, ending at Coogee with many shops, joggers, skaters and pets. Going to the North, there are Manly and Watson bays with great sunset view of the ocean. Beach safety: always swim in the beaches that have rescue teams, in the area between the flags, because the swirling tides are dangerous and occur more frequently than the shark attacks (many beaches have nets to stop the shark). Another precaution: do not let the seagull eat potatoes.

You should not leave Sydney without taking an outdoor barbecue next to the beach; you will need sunglasses, swimwear and bottles of cold beer.

Coogee beach is a spectacular coastal road

Coogee beach is a spectacular coastal road

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour was overhauled in 1988 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Australia establishment, since Darling Harbour has attracted tourists during the day with restaurants and 1 path with dome next to Harbour, where stores noteworthy things and jungle fashion (oil cloth robe and Akubra hat). At night, there is a series of nightclub for people who like to go out of Sydney (let try Home or Bungalow 8). Sydney Aquarium has one saltwater crocodile (the world’s largest reptile with the size of 4-5.5 m), gentle selachium nd manta can be seen from the underwater tunnel, and two orphan dugongs - Pig and Wuru. It's hard to believe, dugongs have been called mermaids by early European sailors (open daily from 9 am to 8 pm; adult tickets $17.50, children are $10, signing in Marine Museum (open daily from 9:30 am to 5 pm; adult ticket is $7, child ticket is $3.50; is worth a stop to see a copy of the Endeavour  ship of Captain Cook, climb on board of the destroyer in 1956, HMAS Vampire (amicably called Bat), and explore inside the submarine 1968, HMAS Onslow.

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour

The city nightclubs and jazz

Some of Sydney’s best activities take place in the gathering place of gay/lesbian and the red light district, Oxford Street, where is full of nightclubs, the innovative sex shop and pornographic clothing store. The nightclubs you should visit are Arq and Oxford Art Factory, while the Colombian Hotel is a familiar place of Sydney. In Newtown, let’s try Bank Hotel, George St has sexy Tank and Ivy, and Marble Bar with Victorian splendor is in the list of heritage (live music at Wednesday, Saturday). The city is a pure jazz heaven and these are the fortress: Basement in Circular Quay (hosted by Gillespie & Herbie Hancock; playing modern music and jazz), Strawberry Hills Hotel in Surry Hills (live Jazz music on first Saturday of the month) and Vanguard in Newtown (jazz and international music). My choice is the 505, where is quite unique and trendy in Surry Hills ( Find on Time Out ( for schedules, check costume regulation and carry identity cards showing that you are over 18, because the guards will happily kick future club members to home.

Các hộp đêm thành phố và nhạc jazz

The city’s nightclubs and jazz


Coming there

Qantas takes you to Sydney from Mumbai for $930. From Delhi, the China Eastern airline offers the flights from $730.

Wandering around

Newspaper sellers at counters and kiosks sell tickets - one All-Day ticket gives you unlimited travel on the ferry and bus; Travel Ten tickets allow you to go 10 bus trips; and mixed Travel ticket allows you to travel on one ferry, train and bus.


Advance: Park Hyat Sydney ($800 - $1,233, or Shangri-La ($310-382;

Park Hyat Sydney

Park Hyat Sydney

Average: Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel ($136-200;

Cheap: Sydney Harbour YHA or Railway Square YHA near the centre station. For the list, let’s visit and The official tourism websites, and, may be useful.

Shopping mall

Shopping mall in Centrepoint, Strand and David Jones; high fashion in Queen Victoria Building on George Street; Aborginal Centre and Tribal Arts Centre have great collection of oil paintings; sheep leather boots in Ugg Australian Made in Museum of Contemporary Art; and Paddy’s to buy discount clothing, fresh food, lure for trout fishing, cheap jewelry and watch.


Sydney’s cuisine includes many incredible recipes. My favourite restaurants:

Lebanon: A local restaurant named Jasmine (30b Haldon St Lakemba).

Italia: Beppi’s ( for Italian.

Mexico: Guzman Y Gomes (175 King Street Newtown) for crunchy meat and quesadillas served in public style.

Japan: Nazimi (141 York St).

China: Billy Kwong reataurant of Kylie Kwong (3/355 Crown St Surry Hills).

Yum Cha: (“drink tea and have breakfast”) East Ocean Restaurant (421-429 Sussex St, Haymarket), where you have to eat har gau (steamed shrimp dumplings).

Beefsteak theatre: Mad Cow (330 George St).

Thailand: Chat Thai (20 Campbell St, Haymarket).

Seaffod: The habour restaurants of Sydney fish market.

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