1. Deutsches Technikmuseum

    The technology museum is a giant playground for children, excellent for learning through play. There are locomotives to clamber over, windmills to play with and the exhibition “Spektrum”, where older children can conduct their own physics and chemistry experiments .

    Deutsches Technikmuseum
  2. Labyrinth Kindermuseum

    Berlin’s Museum for Children is particularly suitable for children at the preschool stage and in the early school years. Three or four themed exhibitions each year deal with subjects in a child-friendly and entertaining way – for example “Snoops and Detectives”. Every exhibition is interactive, allowing children to join in and experiment, becoming independent through their experiences in play.

    • Osloer Str. 12

    • 1–6pm Tue–Fri; 1–6pm Sat; 11am–6pm Sun

    • 030 8009 31150

    • Admission charge

  3. Grips-Theater

    This famous Berlin theater for children and young people has been showing the hit musical Linie 1 for over ten years. The play, which is best suited to older children and adolescents, tells of the exciting life in the big city, using a U-Bahn line running from East to West Berlin as a metaphor. All shows are in German.

    • Altonaer Str. 22

    • Phone for performance times

    • 030 39 74 740

    • Admission charge

  4. Museum für Naturkunde

    Berlin’s museum of natural history has the biggest dinosaur skeleton on show anywhere in the world. The collections here are well presented .

  5. Zoologischer Garten

    If you are visiting Berlin with children you should not miss out on the Zoo. Particular favourites are the Monkey House (with baby gorillas and chimpanzees) and the Baby Zoo, where children are allowed to touch and feed the young of various animal species.

    Giraffe House in the Zoo
  6. Filmpark Babelsberg

    Exciting shootouts, a walk-on film set with a U-boat, a town on an island and a small town in the Wild West are the most popular attractions at the film park – and not just with the children. A tour of the former UFA-Film studios lets visitors look behind the scenes: children try out make-up and costumes and admire the “sandman”, a TV figure popular with children in East Germany since 1959. Everywhere in the park you will encounter props and figures from well-known German films. “Special effects” are demonstrated on the visitors in an imaginative exhibition. The “World of Horror” chills more than just children’s spines.

    • Großbeerenstr., Potsdam

    • Mar–Nov: 10am–6pm daily; Jul–Aug: 10am–8pm daily

    • Closed Mon–Fri in Sep

    • 0331 721 27 50

    • Admission charge

    Filmpark Babelsberg

    The Sandman in Filmpark Babelsberg
  7. ZEISS-Großraumplanetarium

    Artificial stars, planets and nebu lae take you to far-away galaxies under the silvery dome of the Planetarium .

  8. Legoland

    This is the world’s first indoor Legoland. Apart from the rides (best for children under 8), thousands of LEGO bricks can be turned into replicas of Berlin sights. There is also a 4D cinema and a café.

    • Potsdamer Str. 4

    • 030 301 04 00

    • 10am–7pm daily (last admission 5pm)

    • Admission charge

  9. Puppentheatermuseum

    The small but excellent and inspirational Puppet Museum specializes in dolls and puppets. Children are allowed to perform their own puppet shows and have a go at being puppet theatre directors.

    • Karl-Marx-Str. 135

    • 9:30am–3pm Mon–Fri, 11am–5pm Sun

    • 030 687 81 32

    • Admission charge

  10. AquaDom and Sea Life Berlin

    In the Sea Life centre, visitors are invited on a journey from the Spree River and Lake Wannsee to the depths of the oceans. A mirror maze and fish feeding sessions add to the fun along the way. The biggest attraction awaits at the end of the journey – a lift ride up through the centre of the AquaDom – the world’s largest cylindrical aquarium with over 1,500 tropical fish.

    • Spandauer Str. 3

    • 10am–7pm daily (last admission 6pm)

    • 01805 666 90 101


    • Admission charge

    Giant AquaDom aquarium
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