1. Ford’s Theater

    The tragedy of Lincoln’s assassination here in 1865 kept this theater closed for over 100 years, but now it is the home of a vibrant theater company as well as being a museum and historic landmark. Top-notch performers and directors stage exciting plays here .

    Auditorium, Ford’s Theater
  2. Arena Stage

    Internationally renowned as a pioneering theater, for over five decades Arena has produced plenty of high quality drama. Currently at

    1800 Bell Street, Crystal City, Arlington, VA, Arena
    is scheduled to reopen in 2010 at the SW address as the Mead Center for American Theater.
    • 1101 6th St SW

    Warner Theater
  3. Shakespeare Theatre

    Top actors, directors, designers, and lighting experts are involved in every dazzling production here. Although specializing in Shakespeare, the company also mounts works by other playwrights .

    • 450 7th St NW

    Shakespeare Theatre
  4. National Theatre

    A wonderful venue for touring shows, the National Theatre opened in 1835. Since then every US president has attended at least one of its performances. Many Broadway hits have staged their premiere here, including Showboat and West Side Story.

    • 1321 Pennsylvania Ave NW

    National Theatre
  5. Kennedy Center

    From Shakespeare to Sondheim, from gripping drama and opera to light-hearted comedies and musicals, the many theater productions at this landmark arts center are almost always critically acclaimed. There are a variety of performance spaces catering to different styles, seating from just a few hundred people to more than 2,000 .

  6. Wooly Mammoth Theater Company

    Widely acknowledged as Washington’s most daring theater company, Wooly Mammoth stages new and innovative productions.

    • 641 D St NW

  7. Folger Theater

    Visitors get a unique experience in the Elizabethan Theatre, which strongly suggests the setting in which Shakespeare’s works were originally performed. Works of the Bard and his near contemporaries are featured, and performances of medieval and baroque music fill the schedule.

  8. Gala Hispanic Theater

    The recipient of a huge number of awards, this theater mounts works in Spanish with simultaneous English translation. Brilliant productions of works from the classical to the absurd attract a diverse audience.

    • 3333 14th St NW

  9. Studio Theater

    Off-Broadway hits, classics, and experimental fare make up the season at this performance landmark. Two theater spaces are available for the engrossing and often splendid productions here.

    • 1601 14th St NW

  10. Harman Center for the Arts

    The Harman Center is a modern 21st-century performing arts center and an expanded stage for the Shakespeare Theater Company. It offers great theater, ballet, and musical performances.

    • 610 F St NW

Top 10 Entertainment Venues

  1. Verizon Center

    The home of D.C.’s basketball and hockey teams has many attractions beyond the games .

  2. Warner Theater

    You’ll find Broadway shows, comedians, and concerts here.

    • 13th & E Sts NW

  3. Carter Barron Amphitheater

    Best known for the Shakespeare Free For All.

    • 4850 Colorado Ave NW

  4. Coolidge Auditorium

    The home of the library’s music series.

    • Library of Congress, 10 1st St SE

  5. Lisner Auditorium

    This university theater features everything from world music to orchestras.

    • 21st and H Sts NW

  6. Nationals Park

    Home to the Nationals Baseball team, this new park is the city’s latest highlight.

    • 1500 S Capitol St SE

  7. DAR Constitution Hall

    The largest concert hall in D.C.

    • 1776 D St NW

    • Dis. access

  8. Lincoln Theater

    An intimate setting for jazz, soul, and gospel music.

    • 1215 U St NW

  9. Wolf Trap

    An open-air venue for big names in entertainment.

    • 1551 Trap Rd, Vienna, VA

    • Metro West Falls Church

  10. Nissan Pavilion

    Rock stars perform at this open-air arena.

    • 7800 Cellar Door Drive, Bristow, VA

    • Rte I-66 to exit 44

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