1. Felix

    The shining pinnacle of Hong Kong bars is set in Kowloon’s famous Peninsula Hotel. Philippe Starcke designed Felix, and the result is coolness incarnate. Let the experience envelope you, beginning with the dedicated elevators and their light effects, to the untrammelled delights of Felix’s restrooms. The harbour views are an added bonus. If you plan to visit just one bar in Hong Kong, make this the one .

  2. Foreign Correspondents Club

    Any club that has brass plaques screwed to the bar top, commemorating members who died drinking on that spot, deserves to be a legend. Open only to members and their guests.

    • 2 Lower Albert Rd, Central

    • 2521 1511

  3. Dragon-i

    Stunning interior design in mixed Chinese and Japanese style but with lots of New York thrown in across two completely different rooms. The Red Room dining room becomes a VIP lounge for the famous as the evening progresses, with everyone else sinking into the booths in the bronze and mirrored Playground, drinking powerful cocktails, Be stylish, or be somewhere else .

  4. Kee

    A discreet keypad and un-marked doorway on Wellington Street is the entrance to this seriously happening club. Everyone worth knowing in Hong Kong is on its members’ list, but this means that it can be hard to gain access. Inspired by the Enlightenment concept of literary and discursive salons, Kee can sometimes be too arty by half, but it’s always worth an invitation. Assuming you’re lucky enough to score one.

    • 6/F, 32 Wellington St, Central

    • 2186 1861

  5. Di Vino

    This small tunnel-shaped bar crammed with beautiful people makes the perfect start to any evening. But with special prices on early evening aperitifs and around 40 wines available by the glass, it’s not long before snacks become a look at the menu, a memorable Italian meal and a rather later than planned move to elsewhere  .

  6. Beijing Club

    Another glamorous addition to Hong Kong’s party scene is based in an old office block. Taking up three floors, this club does not believe in subtle decoration. The dance floor and main bar are on the second floor, a chill-out area with a massive projection screen and a balcony is on the third, and the VIP room is on the fifth floor. The regular diet of house, hip hop and R&B is spiced up with Ministry of Sound DJ events .

  7. The Jazz Club

    At ordinary times, this tiny and utterly unremarkable bar and performance space would hardly be worth mentioning. But when a maestro is in town, the Jazz Club is the scene of legendary, impromptu jams. Believe it or not, even the likes of Wynton Marsalis and Miles Davis have played here, right in the faces of the 100 or so people lucky enough to have been there at the time.

    • 2/F, 34 D’Aguilar St, Lan Kwai Fong

    • 2845 8477

  8. Visage Free

    A slacker alternative to the unremitting trendiness of SoHo and BoHo, Visage Free is the kind of bar that can disregard commercial imperatives to mount monthly poetry readings. The crowd is loyal and diverse.

    • Amber Lodge, 23 Hollywood Rd, BoHo

    • 2546 9780

    Visage Free
  9. Feather Boa

    Away from the rowdy main strip of Staunton Street bars sits this unremarked gem, with its inconspicuous entrance, fin-de-siècle gold drapes and sofas. The crowd is young, arts and media-slanted, and cliquey. One of SoHo’s better kept secrets: would it could stay that way .

  10. Dance Parties

    Hong Kong is a prime Asian stop on the international DJ circuit (everyone from Fat Boy Slim to Paul Oakenfold and Carl Cox have hit the decks here), and the city has nurtured more than enough turntable talent of its own. Hong Kong’s dance parties, particularly at the cavernous HITEC venue, are well-organized affairs. Check the local media for details.

    • Various venues

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