Boston - Around Town : Back Bay (part 2) - Art Galleries, Homegrown Newbury Shops

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Exploring Back Bay


Grab a patio table at the Parish Café and enjoy an inventive sandwich while gazing out onto the Public Garden. Stroll one block over to Newbury Street and peruse the impressive contemporary art galleries concentrated between Arlington and Dartmouth streets. Cross back over to Boylston at Dartmouth and sit for a spell inside Trinity Church where La Farge’s stained-glass windows top an inexhaustible list of highlights. And while you’re in an aesthetics-appreciating mood, traverse St James Place to the Copley Plaza Hotel and lounge a moment in the ornate, Versaillesesque lobby. Next, cross Dartmouth to the Boston Public Library and admire John Singer Sargent’s gorgeous murals. Now it’s time to warm up your credit card, so head back to Newbury Street for a dizzying shopping spree. Turn left onto Newbury for Boston-only boutiques such as Fresh and Trident Booksellers . Stop for a reinvigorating fruit smoothie or thick frappé at Ben & Jerry’s (174 Newbury St). At Massachusetts Avenue, turn left, then left again onto Boylston and continue to the Prudential Center for name-brand shopping – think Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and the like. Cap it all off with a bracing-cold cocktail and smooth jazz at the 52nd-floor Top of the Hub Lounge , where you can soak in Boston’s skyline – and with any luck, a dazzling sunset.

Art Galleries

  1. Robert Klein

    Everybody who’s anybody in photography vies for space at Robert Klein. Past coups include shows by Annie Liebovitz and Herb Ritts.

    • 38 Newbury St

    • 617 267 7997

    • Closed Sun & Mon

  2. Copley Society of Art

    With a commitment to exhibiting works by promising New England artists, this non-profit organization boasts a 120-year history of providing young artists with that crucial first break.

    • 158 Newbury St

    • 617 536 5049

    • Closed Mon

  3. Gallery NAGA

    Representing some of New England’s most regarded artists, NAGA is possibly Newbury’s best contemporary art gallery.

    • 67 Newbury St

    • 617 267 9060

    • Closed Sun–Mon

  4. Barbara Krakow Gallery

    Since opening in 1964 with an exhibition of Ellsworth Kelly prints, Barbara Krakow’s keen judgment of contemporary art has earned her many fans – and customers.

    • 10 Newbury St

    • 617 262 4490

    • Closed Sun–Mon

  5. Pepper Gallery

    In welcome contrast to her peers, Audrey Pepper looks for a sense of playfulness in the pieces she exhibits – plenty of bold colors and amusing juxtapositions.

    • 38 Newbury St

    • 617 236 4497

    • Closed Sun–Mon

  6. The Artful Hand

    With the American Crafts Movement of the late-19th century as its muse, The Artful Hand sells exquisite pieces of embroidery, woodwork, home accessories, and hand-painted glass.

    • 100 Huntington Ave

    • 617 262 9601

  7. Judi Rotenberg Gallery

    Intense colors and an emphasis on graphic design distinguish the works of artist-owner Rotenberg and her contemporaries. Most artists here are New England-based.

    • 130 Newbury St

    • 617 437 1518

    • Closed Mon

  8. Alpha Gallery

    Founded in 1967 to showcase contemporary artists from Boston, Alpha now covers the country and carries an impressive line of prints by modern masters.

    • 38 Newbury St

    • 617 536 4465

  9. Neilsen Gallery

    Favoring lush, contemporary paintings, and the occasional mixed-media sculpture, Neilsen is popular among Boston’s art cognoscenti for the distinction of her artists.

    • 179 Newbury St

    • 617 266 4835

    • Closed Sun–Mon

  10. International Poster Gallery

    Arguably the most fun – albeit the most populist – gallery on Newbury, the IPG stocks vintage first edition movie posters and print advertisements from the belle époque.

    • 205 Newbury St

    • 617 375 0076

Unless otherwise specified galleries are open daily. Opening hours are generally from 10am–5:30pm

Homegrown Newbury Shops

  1. Johnny Cupcakes

    This boutique specializes in limited-edition crossbones-and-cupcake T-shirts. The joke continues with bakery case displays, aprons on the staff and the smell of cake batter in the air.

    • 279 Newbury St

  2. Trident Booksellers & Café

    Trident is popular for its delicious, healthy sandwiches, strong coffee concoctions, and arguably the best informed book and magazine selections in the city.

    • 338 Newbury St

    Trident Booksellers & Café
  3. Hempest

    True believers in the superiority of hemp as something to put on rather than inhale, Hempest showcases casual and dress duds fashioned from this environmentally-friendly fiber.

    • 207 Newbury St

  4. Fresh

    Chic grooming products for men and women, many of them based on such natural products as sugar (for face and body skin polish), clay (masks and lotions), and soy (facial cleaning gel).

    • 121 Newbury St

  5. Newbury Comics

    Generally undercutting the chain stores on compact discs, Newbury Comics delivers value along with a stellar selection of rare import CDs, concert videos, and the latest comics.

    • 332 Newbury St

  6. Life is Good

    This feel-good store name has swept through America. The collection offers youth fashion with whimsical images emblazoned on casual clothes.

    • 285 Newbury St

  7. Second Time Around

    Before blowing your budget on that Chanel handbag, take a peek at Second Time Around, where used designer clothing and accessories get a second lease on life. Think head-to-toe Versace for a mere $100.

    • 176 Newbury St

  8. Condom World

    Check your inhibitions at this subterranean boutique’s door. While male anatomy-shaped ketchup dispensers deserve a laugh, some of the sex toys toward the back might sooner merit a wince.

    • 332 Newbury St

  9. Envi

    Eco-conscious fashion, made from earth-friendly fibers (organic cotton, organic wool, hemp, soy, bamboo) and deconstructed vintage garments lets buyers look good and feel good about it too.

    • 164 Newbury St

  10. Deluca’s Back Bay Market

    This old world-style corner market stocks fabulous produce, chilled beer, ready-made sandwiches, and imported delights of all kinds.

    • 239 Newbury St

Unless otherwise specified shops are open daily

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