As one of the world’s most exclusive ski resorts, and with over 320 days of sunshine each year, it’s no wonder that St. Moritz keeps visitors coming back time and time again

Tens to thousands of years ago, a dramatic 50-mile long glacial valley was created high in the mountains. The source of the mighty Inn river, the valley came to be known as Engadin, after the local Rhaeto-Romance language for “Garden of the Inn” (Engiadina). Today, that garden is Switzerland’s largest nature reserve, a pristine environment of snow-capped peaks, dense forests, verdant meadows, mountain streams, natural springs and lakes.

Description: Description: Hikers with view of the Corvatsch cable car and Lake Silvaplana

Hikers with view of the Corvatsch cable car and Lake Silvaplana

Embedded in the inspiring and sun-blessed Engadin valley, St. Moritz is one of the world’s most iconic resorts. Widely recognized as the cradle of winter tourism, St. Moritz was, ironically, originally known as a summer destination. This changed irreversibly when the pioneering local hotelier Johannes Badrutt made a wager with four British guests in 1864: they should return to St. Moritz in winter and, if they didn’t enjoy it, he would cover the cost of their travel from London and back. If they did like it, Badrutt would host them for as long as they wished.

Badrutt’s guests didn’t leave until the following spring, reveling in crisp, sun-drenched days spent skiing, snowshoeing and ice-skating on Lake St. Moritz. World spread about idyllic white winters in St. Moritz, leading the town to become the most desirable winter destination in the Alps.

Description: Description: A view across Lake Sils to Piz da la Margna

A view across Lake Sils to Piz da la Margna

Nearly 160 years later, St. Moritz retains every ounce of its allure and Badrutt’s family ensures that his hotel, now called Badrutt’s Palace, remains one of the town’s finest hotels (no mean feat, given that St. Moritz boasts eight five-star properties, the greatest concentration of any mountain resort in the world). The town has become synonymous with style, quality, tradition and its so-called “champagne climate” – not a reference to champagne-quaffing guests, but to the sparkling and invigorating climate of the Upper Engadin. Thanks to its southerly location, St. Moritz benefits from a distinctly Italian climate, lapping up over 320 days of sunshine each year. This sunny environment, combined with pure mountain air and the therapeutic natural springs which first brought spa guests to St. Moritz in the Middle Ages, ensures visitors to the town experience tangible health benefits.

Furthermore, St. Moritz is the ultimate outdoor playground, with limitless opportunities foryear-round pursuits, from skiing to sailing, snowshoeing to hiking and ice-climbing to surfing. Accustomed to catering for everyone from Olympic athletes to recuperating patients, St. Moritz offers thrilling adventures such as the infamous Cresta Run bobsleigh and four Alpine golf courses, as well as gentle trails for electrically-assisted bicycles and pushchair-accessible walking trails. For those who enjoy spectator sports, there’s an equally abundant choice, such as the glamorous Polo World Cup on Snow and international yachting Match Race.

Description: Description: St. Moritz Match Race

St. Moritz Match Race

Culture buffs are also content in St. Moritz, which hosts prestigious art and music events each year, including the Opera Festival, Art Masters, Jazz Festival and the week-long Resonanzen International Culture Festival, which combines concerts with literary evenings, film nights and wonderful cultural walks.

While the chic restaurants, bars and clubs and glittering boutiques which line St. Moritz’s winding streets are never quiet, they positively hum with energy during these events, as visitors from around the world indulge their shared passion for excellent food, wine, entertainment and shopping. St. Moritz regulars

You can place a bet in the Kempinski casino that discerning will beat a path to the hamlet of Champfèr thic summer. Located five minutes from the heart of St. Moritz, Champfèr is home to the two-Michelin-starred restaurant Talvo by Dalsass and the intimate five-star Hotel Giardino Mountain, which opens its doors to summer guests for the first time this year.

Description: Description: Badrutt’s Palace Hotel

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel

Those with a head for heights and romance should head for the new 16-room Muottas Muragl hotel. Located high above St. Moritz at an altitude of 2,456 metres, this luxurious property is the first “plus-energy” hotel in the Alps, producing more solar-powered energy than is required to run it for a year.

Regardless of where you go and what you to do in Engadin St. Moritz, you can wager that you’ll want to return because, in St. Moritz, exceptional is normal.

Description: Description: In Engadin St. Moritz

In Engadin St. Moritz

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