1. L’Aroma Café

    The beautiful people take their espresso at L’Aroma, where the Italian style of the coffees, sandwiches, luncheon salads, and pastries are more evocative of Milan than Rome. As a bonus, tea-lovers can order from a choice of 20 loose-leaf varieties .

  2. Caffè Vittoria

    The jukebox at the largest of North End’s Italian cafés has nearly every song ever recorded by Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Al Martino. The menu is long on short coffees and short drinks, including at least seven varieties of grappa, as well as a fair selection of Italian ices.

    • 296 Hanover St

  3. Diesel Café

    Diesel is the quintessential Davis Square gathering spot where the tragically hip rub shoulders with lesbian couples and scruffy Tufts students. The spacious café has old-fashioned booths, couches, and a pair of pool tables out back. The coffee menu includes a powerful double-caffeine “High Octane” brew plus teas and tisanes.

    • 257 Elm St, Somerville

  4. Trident Booksellers & Café

    Bibliophiles make pilgrimages to this fine bookstore. The in-store café and bar serves light and casual meals ranging from breakfast eggs to lunch wraps as well as excellent dinner dishes like lasagna. 

    Trident Booksellers & Café
  5. Sonsie

    Although continental breakfast is served, the scene doesn’t really kick into bustling life until lunch time. By dusk, Sonsie is full of folks who just stopped in for a post-work drink and ended up making an evening of it. The food – pizza, pasta and fusion-tinged entrées – deserves more attention than most café-goers give it .

  6. Other Side Café

    Multiple-pierced and body-art-beautiful Berklee music students and health-obsessive Boston University waifs hold down the stools and tables of this coffee-house-cum-smoothie shack on the “wrong” side of Massachusetts Avenue. Edge without danger is part of the draw, and the expresso sports a perfect. crema

  7. 1369 Coffee House

    The 1369 Coffee House is as community-based as Starbucks is corporate. There is a definite neighborly atmosphere about the place. The original Inman Square branch has a more interesting cross section of ages and ethnicities but Central Square has sidewalk seating. Both branches serve mostly caffeine drinks and sweets – with sandwiches at lunch.

  8. Garden of Eden Café

    The best-dressed, most buff South Enders patronize this gem of a café for tasty dishes like duck pâté with bits of pistachio and orange or classic French onion soup. Prepare to wait in line at lunch time for the sandwiches or stop by mid-afternoon to savor a large molasses cookie with a cappuccino.

    • 571 Tremont St

    Garden of Eden Café
  9. Dado Tea

    However you like your tea – white, black, or green – this shop has a choice of blends to steep as a spiritually uplifting break in itself or as accompaniment to light and healthy sandwiches, wraps, and salads. Coffee-lovers are also accommodated, but tea rules here.

    • 955 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

  10. Parish Café

    During warm weather, the tables outside Parish Café offer a terrific view of the lower Back Bay street scene. Parish has some of the most creative and delicious sandwiches in the city – designed by chefs of Boston’s top restaurants. Comfort food dishes (such as meatloaf with mashed potatoes, fishcakes with Pommery mustard) are also excellent.

Top 10 Spots to Break your Diet

  1. Finale

    Try the molten chocolate gateau or rich crème brûlée.

    • 1 Columbus Ave

  2. L. A. Burdick Chocolatiers

    Sinful bonbons and Boston’s best hot chocolate.

    • 52D Brattle St, Cambridge

  3. Dairy Fresh

    An old-fashioned shop jammed with candy, nuts and treats.

    • 57 Salem St

  4. ChocoLee Chocolates

    Pastry whiz Lee Napoli dips her own truffles and bon-bons.

    • 83 Pembroke St

  5. Flour Bakery & Café

    Delectable cakes, cookies, and perfect cups of coffee.

    • 1595 Washington St

  6. Sugar Haven

    “Penny candy” by the pound brings back childhood memories.

    • 218 Newbury St

  7. Eldo Cake House

    Western-style iced cakes and downhome Chinese treats.

    • 36 Harrison Ave

  8. Herrell’s

    Chopped candy bars and sundae toppings folded into super-rich ice cream.

    • 15 Dunster St, Cambridge

  9. Langham Boston Chocolate Dessert Buffet

    A showcase of French chocolate pastry and confectionery.

    • 250 Franklin St

    • Open Sep–Jun: Sat

  10. Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream

    Exotic spices and flavors add punch.

    • 1255 Cambridge St, Cambridge

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