Lobamba: the cultural heart

Lobamba is Swaziland's traditional seat of power and located opposite the royal kraal at Ludzidzini. It is home to today's parliament, the National Museum and the King Sobhuza Memorial Park - a tribute to the late, revered monarch. Swaziland's two most impressive cultural spectacles also take place in the surrounding fields: the Umhlanga (reed dance) is a colourful celebration of chastity held in August/September, when thousands of girls march to cut reeds that they present to the Queen Mother; the Incwala (first fruits ceremony) is a celebration of kingship and harvest held in December/January, its sacred rituals enacted in royal seclusion but with the general festivities open to the public.

Description:  Umhlanga Reed Dance, Swaziland.

 Umhlanga Reed Dance, Swaziland.

Nsangwini rock art

Nsangwini cave shelter is Swaziland's finest example of San rock art. Located in the wild Nkomati Valley, southeast of Piggs Peak, this is a community-run project. A local guide will lead you down the short, steep trail and interpret the ancient frescos preserved beneath a hidden granite overhang. Some of the more outlandish figures were painted under shamanic trance and represent hunters passing into the spirit world.

Description: Nsangwini rock art

Nsangwini rock art

Mahamba Gorge and Mission

Mahamba Mission, in the deep southwest of Swaziland, is the country's oldest church and marks the point where Weslyan missionaries first brought Christianity here in the 1880s. The nearby gorge is impressive, and home to rare birds such as the black eagle and southern bald ibis. A community-run project offers hiking trails and simple self-catering chalets.

Description: Mahamba Gorge and Mission

Mahamba Gorge and Mission

Phophonyane Falls Nature Reserve

This gem of a reserve is tucked into indigenous forest just north of Piggs Peak. The buildings and walkways are ingeniously landscaped into lush, natural vegetation, and overlook the Phophonyane River and Falls, which run through the property over a river-sculpted rock bed of 3.5 billion-year-old greenstone. Water flows everywhere. A network of self-guided trails offers excellent birding, with Narina trogon and crowned eagle among the highlights.

Description: Phophonyane Falls Nature Reserve

Phophonyane Falls Nature Reserve

Malandela's complex

Malandela's is a family farmstead near Mahlanya, along the road to Malkerns. Once known simply as a good restaurant and pub, it has since expanded into a significant tourist complex, with a B&B, internet cafe and craft centre that includes the innovative Gone Rural weaving enterprise. Best of all, it has House on Fire. This unique Gaudiesque performing arts venue and exhibition centre is built around a Shakespearian Globe-style theatre and every May hosts Bushfire, a three-day explosion of southern African music and arts. Despite all this excitement, the place retains its rustic charm and character.


These contiguous reserves in the shadow of the Lubombo Mountains share the same habitat but are quite different in character. Mlawula Nature Reserve is a large state-run reserve that extends to the top of the Lubombos, from where you can see the Indian Ocean. The adventurous, self-reliant visitor will find genuine wilderness and rich wildlife here, but larger game is scarce and facilities neglected. Mbuluzi Game Reserve next door is smaller but, under private ownership, better maintained. Wildlife here includes plentiful giraffe, zebra and antelope, plus hippos and trots on the Mbuluzi River and African fin foot among the prolific birdlife.

Hlane Royal National Park

This former royal hunting ground in the northeastern low veld is now an impressive nature reserve. Its network of good self-drive roads allows you to explore the dense bush veld in search of giraffe, antelope, zebra and numerous smaller species, while white rhino, elephant and hippo visit the waterhole right in front of Ndlovu Camp. To see Swaziland's only lions - found in a separate fenced area - take a game drive with a ranger. Guided walks are available and the bird life is notable for its many raptors.

Hlane Royal National Park

Mkhaya Game Reserve

This private, upmarket reserve offers Swaziland's most exclusive safari experience. Among the big game reintroduced to their former habitat here are elephant, buffalo, giraffe, hippo, white rhino and rare black rhino. Guided game drives offer close-up viewing, and this is one of Africa's best locations for tracking rhino - including black rhino - on foot. There are no big cats, but spotted hyenas prowl the darkness. The smaller wildlife includes a wealth of birds. Explore Stone Camp for treats such as suni and pink-throated twin spot.

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