Munich - Around Town : Along the Isar River (part 2) - Best of the Rest, Shops & Markets

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A Day on the Isar


Setting off from the Müller’sche Volksbad after coffee or breakfast at Café im Volksbad, turn left at the baths along the Isar to the to the footbridge, which leads to Praterinsel. Walk through the teaching garden of the Alpine Museum (no entrance fee) and then across the island – making a brief stop at the cultural centre – until you reach Maximiliansbrücke, which will take you directly to the Maximilianeum. Pass the monument and turn right onto Sckellstr. Follow this street to Wiener Platz, its market stalls, and the Hofbräukeller. A narrow lane – An der Kreppe – runs from Wiener Platz to several of the historic inns found in the Glasscherben district. The Hofbräukeller offers reasonably priced food and a beer garden in summer.


Return to Sckellstr., cross Einsteinstr., and walk along Maria-Theresia-Str., flanked by beautiful Foundation Period and Art Nouveau houses. The Maximilian-Anlagen is a public park, and perfect for a spot of ambling. Regardless of the route you take, all paths will eventually lead you to the Friedensengel. Continue along for a few minutes until you reach Villa Stuck, the Art Nouveau museum par excellence. For a coffee break, try Wiener’s (Ismaninger Str. 71a), close to the No. 18 tram stop. Take the tram back to the city centre (Karlsplatz). The ride will take you past some of the most beautiful spots in Munich.

Best of the Rest

  1. An der Kreppe

    Restored inns and hostels for day-labourers and brick workers give this corner of Haidhausen a village-like character.

    • An der Kreppe (Wiener Platz)

  2. Hofbräukeller

    The little brother of the Hofbräuhaus, also serving the famous brew. Set, since 1892, in a neo-Renaissance building, with a popular beer gardens.

  3. Nikolaikirche

    This small church, first mentioned in historical records in 1313, is set on the banks of the Isar. The cloister is a mirror image of that at Altötting.

    • Innere Wiener Str. 1

  4. Lehel

    The Lehel district, part of which is located in the Old Town, boasts many buildings from the Foundation Period. The streets around Thierschplatz are worth a stroll.

  5. Sankt Lukas

    St Luke’s is known for its choral concerts .

    • Mariannenplatz 3

  6. Monastery Church St Anna

    This Rococo jewel in the Lehel district was built by Johann Michael Fischer, with ornamentation by the Asam brothers.

    • St-Anna-Platz 21

  7. Annakirche (St Anna)

    A neo-Romanesque parish church, St Anna (1892) is the result of an architecture competition.

    • St-Anna-Platz 5

    Arched portal of Annakirche
  8. Upper Maximilianstraße & Maxmonument

    The stretch between the old ring road (Altstadtring) and the Maximilianeum is flanked by ornate public buildings, including the Völkerkundemuseum and the Parliament of Upper Bavaria. A monument to Maximilian II stands at the centre of a roundabout.

    Monument to Maximilian II
  9. Staatliches Museum für Völkerkunde

    Dating from 1859–65, this stately building in the style of the Maximilian era has been home to the Völkerkundemuseum (museum of ethnology) since 1926. The collection comprises over 300,000 objects from cultures beyond Europe .

  10. Museums on Prinzregentenstraße

    The upper stretch of Prinzregentenstraße is home to the Haus der Kunst, the National Gallery (Nationalmuseum), and the Schack Galerie .

City bus no. 100 runs along the Prinzregentenstraße and stops at several museums.

Shops & Markets

  1. Feinkost Käfer

    This delicatessen owned and operated by catering tsar Gerd Käfer is located in upscale Bogenhausen. The city’s prominent citizens rub shoulders here as they shop and sample the delicacies.

    • Prinzregentenstr. 73

  2. Grünermarkt

    A massive store selling all kinds of organic products, from “bio-snacks” to environmentally friendly cosmetics and gifts.

    • Weißenburgerstr. 5

  3. Markt am Wiener Platz

    Permanent kiosks on Wiener Platz are open daily and complemented by stalls set up by travelling vendors. The pretty town square is a perfect spot for a quick coffee break.

    • Wiener Platz

  4. Teeladen

    A tea specialist for the past 20 years, Teeladen sells more than 300 varieties from the best tea gardens in the world.

    • Pariser Str. 27

  5. Eltje Rick

    Made-to-measure and ready-to-wear fashion by a Munich designer known for unusual cuts and fabrics.

    • Steinstr. 57

  6. Candle-Light

    Large selection of candles and wonderful gifts. If you love feng shui, this is the place for you.

    • Metzstr. 13

  7. Porzellan & Pinselstrich

    Wonderful stock of fired, unglazed porcelain. Try your hand at painting and decorating one, and take home a very special souvenir.

  8. Esoterischer Buchladen

    This esoteric bookshop carries books, tarot cards, salt crystals from the Himalayas, aromatic oils, and other accessories.

    • Sedanstr. 29

  9. Liquid

    Liquids of all kinds, including fine oils and vinegars from the barrel, open liqueurs, brandy, fine wines, along with brandy tumblers, espresso cups, and accessories.

    • Pariser Str. 36

  10. Weißenburger Straße

    Haidhausen’s main shopping street bustles with shoe and eyewear shops, a variety of boutiques, greengrocers, and supermarkets. There is also a department store nearby, on Ostbahnhof.

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