1. Carriage Ride through Central Park

    The horse-drawn hansom cabs lined up at the edge of Central Park are romance personified. The driver, appropriately attired in fancy dress and top hat, will help you up as you nestle in for a 20-minute trot past park landmarks .

    Carriage rides through Central Park
  2. Dinner at the River Café

    The Manhattan skyline is never more dazzling than when seen from this barge restaurant just across the East River in Brooklyn. The food is worthy of the setting; the package is worth the price .

    River Café, nestling beneath Brooklyn Bridge
  3. View from the Empire State Building at Twilight

    It has been the setting for dozens of romantic movies and countless proposals have taken place here. At dusk you can watch the sun set over the city as a million lights go on in its towers .

  4. Drinks at the Top of the Tower

    The 26th floor of this Art Deco landmark building affords unsurpassed views of the city lights and the East River from its wrap-around terraces. Order champagne and enjoy the scene and each other.

    • Beekman Tower Hotel, 3 Mitchell Place at 1st Ave & 49th St

    Beekman Tower Hotel
  5. Gondola Ride on Central Park Lake

    Relax aboard the authentic, Venetian gondola as you glide out on the water and revel in the beauty of the park reflected in the lake and the city buildings ringing the park like a crown.

    • Loeb Boat House, Central Park at East 74th St

    • Charge

  6. Walk in the Cloisters’ Gardens

    This branch of the Met is an oasis of serene beauty, a chance to glory in the past while planning the future. More than 250 kinds of plants grown in the Middle Ages are found in these gardens. Trie Cloister features plants shown in the Unicorn Tapestries .

  7. Dinner at One if by Land…

    A restored 18th-century Greenwich Village carriage house, candlelight, and soft piano music make for Manhattan’s most seductive setting.

  8. Staten Island Ferry Ride

    Stand on the top deck to watch Manhattan’s skyscrapers recede as you sail past Liberty, Ellis, and Governors Islands. Take the car deck coming home for close-up photos of the skyline .

    • Whitehall Terminal, White-hall and South Sts

    • Boats every 15mins–1 hr, 24 hours daily

    • Free

    Staten Island Ferry
  9. Brooklyn Bridge Stroll

    The walk across Brooklyn Bridge yields thrilling vistas of skyscrapers through the intricate bridge cable work. Bring the camera to record unparalleled views.

    • The bridge begins behind City Hall, Broadway and Park Row

    Brooklyn Bridge
  10. Concert at St. Paul’s Chapel

    Just to walk into this chapel, New York’s oldest public building, is to enter a world of grace and reverent serenity. The concerts held on Mondays at 1pm offer visitors a chance to revel in the setting and the music .

Top 10 City Oases

  1. Samuel Paley Plaza

    Respite from Midtown bustle with its own waterfall.

    • 3 East 53rd St

  2. Greenacre Park

    A “vest pocket” park donated by the daughter of John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

    • 217–21 East 51st St

  3. Bryant Park

    A swath of green with formal plantings behind the Public Library.

    • 6th Ave, between 41st & 42nd Sts

  4. Metropolitan Museum Roof Terrace

    Have a drink or just admire the prime views of Central Park and city towers beyond.

    • 5th Ave and 82nd St

    • Open May–late fall

  5. Conservatory Garden

    Three formal gardens inside Central Park.

    • 105th St and 5th Ave

  6. Theodore Roosevelt Park

    A shady patch of green behind the American Museum of Natural History.

    • Columbus Ave, between 77th & 81st Sts

  7. John Jay Park

    Past the playgrounds is a placid seating area with East River views.

    • East 77th St and FDR Drive

  8. Wave Hill

    Former estate with gardens and greenhouses.

    • 675 West 252nd St, Bronx

  9. Grace Church

    A Renwick masterpiece, this beautiful 1846 church is a calm respite in the Village.

    • 802 Broadway

  10. St. John the Baptist Church

    Sanctuary and Prayer Garden with statuary and fountain.

    • 210 West 31st St

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