Madrid's Top 10 : Museo Del Prado (part 3) - Flemish and Dutch Paintings

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Flemish and Dutch Paintings

Museo del Prado Floorplan
  1. Descent from the Cross

    Felipe II hung this beautiful composition (c.1435) by Rogier van der Weyden (1399– 1464) in El Escorial. It was moved here after the Civil War.

  2. The Garden of Delights

    The meaning of this work (1500) by Hieronymus Bosch (c.1450–1516) is hotly debated. The traditional view is that it is a warning against earthly pleasures.

  3. The Triumph of Death

    This terrifying version of the Dance of Death (c.1560) is by Flemish master, Pieter Breughel the Elder (c.1525–69).

  4. Portrait of Mary Tudor

    Antonis Moor (1519–67) painted this superb portrait in 1553 of the 37-year-old Queen of England, who was to marry Felipe II.

  5. Artemisia

    This 1634 painting is only work in the Prado by Rembrandt (1606–69). Artemisia is the artist’s wife.

    Artemisia, Rembrandt
  6. The Three Graces

    This erotic masterpiece (1636–8) by Peter Paul Rubens (1577–1640) was inspired by classical sculpture and features Love, Desire and Virginity, two of them modelled on wives of the artist.

  7. Jordaens Family in a Garden

    Jacob Jordaens (1593–1678) was one of the finest portrait artists of the 17th century, as can be witnessed in this 1623 painting.

  8. The Artist with Sir Endymion Porter

    Anton van Dyck’s (1589–1641) 1623 portrait is of Endymion Porter, the artist’s patron at court.

  9. The Triumph of the Eucharist over Heresy

    This superb 1628 Rubens sketch was for a tapestry in the Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales.

  10. The King Drinking

    David Teniers the Younger (1610–90) excelled in rustic scenes, as shown in this 1638 work.

Further European Highlights in the Prado

The highlight of the small but valuable German Collection (room 55 ground floor) is Albrecht Dürer’s Self Portrait of 1498, one of a quartet of paintings by this Renaissance master, and his depictions of Adam and Eve. Most of the French Collection dates from the 17th and 18th centuries (first floor, rooms 2–4). Outstanding are the landscapes of Claude Lorraine and the work of Nicolas Poussin. Felipe II began collecting Classical sculptures (ground floor, rooms 71–4) in the 16th century, mostly Roman copies of Greek originals. Look out for the three Venuses – Madrid Venus, Venus of the Shell, Venus of the Dolphin – and the priceless San Idelfonso group, dating from the reign of the Emperor Augustus (1st century AD). The Dauphin’s Treasure (basement) was inherited by Felipe V, heir presumptive to Louis XIV of France. The fabulous collection of goblets, glasses and serving dishes was made from precious stones (jasper, lapis lazuli, agate and rock crystal) and encrusted with jewels.

Top 10 European Works of Art
  1. Self Portrait, Albrecht Dürer (German Collection)

  2. Hunting Party in Honour of Charles V in Torgau, Lucas Cranach the Elder (German Collection)

  3. St Paula Romana embarking at Ostia, Claude Lorraine (French Collection)

  4. The Parnassus, Nicolas Poussin (French Collection)

  5. San Idelfonso statues (Classical Sculptures)

  6. Madrid Venus (Classical Sculptures)

  7. Venus of the Shell (Classical Sculptures)

  8. Statue of Demeter (Classical Sculptures)

  9. Onyx salt cellar with Mermaid (Dauphin’s Treasure)

  10. Diaspor tray, decorated with pearl (Dauphin’s Treasure)

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