Make Your Beach Hair Your Best Hair (Part 1) - The SPF Essentials, The Overnight Hair Hydrator

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You wouldn’t hit the beach without suncream on your skin, but what about your hair? Bella Blisset reveals the latest products, ingredients and styles that’ll guarantee a sleek summer look

Holidays are a tough ask on hair. The pool, sun and sea may be relaxing for you – but they’re all seriously challenging for your hair. But while faded colour, frazzled ends and the dreaded frizz have become almost the accepted side effects of two weeks in the sun, this summer’s smartest new haircare products aim to reverse all that. Finally, you can take your holiday haircare as seriously as your skincare.

‘UVB rays don’t just burn the your skin, they break down the bonds in hair, making it brittle, dull and lifeless, and giving you split ends,’ says leading trichologist Philip Kingsley. And that’s not all. According to A-list colourist Josh Wood, ‘UVA rays, seawater and pool chemicals such as chlorine can be a disaster for your hair’s colour, too – they sap moisture, leaving it looking dry and rough and, sometimes, with a tell-tale green tinge.’

Thankfully, you can jump these holiday hurdles and achieve shiny, beach-babe locks to complement your glowing, sun-kissed summer limbs. Boasting UV protection, sun-specific ingredients and the very latest colour-enhancing formulations, the latest products promises to do the impossible – turn holiday hair into your best hair. Combine with a few slick new styling tricks, and some expert insider tips and you’re good to go!

The SPF Essentials

You wouldn’t settle down on a sun lounger without protecting your skin first – so why do it with your hair? New Shiseido Sun Protection Spray SPF15, $33 uses the latest Japanese skincare technology and contains extract of rose apple leaf to counteract the DNA damage to the scalp and hair caused by the sun – plus it’s oil-free, so won’t leave your roots greasy

Description: Shiseido Sun Protection Spray SPF15.

Shiseido Sun Protection Spray SPF15.

‘Those with thin hair are particularly at risk from scalp burn, which can lead to unsightly peeling and flaking later on,’ says Becca Lewin of Shiseido. ‘Make sure you massage your hair protection into the whole head to ensure your scalp is shielded throughout the day.’ If you spend hours sea – or pool-bound, smooth Kérastase Soleil Crefefmee UV Défense Active, $26.9, into your hair before leaving your hotel room – it contains ceramides that strengthen hair and reinforce its protective barrier against damage from salt or chlorine, as well as UV filters. Slide a Goody Simple Styles Volume Boost Comb, $8.5, into each side for a low key, sliced-back look that’ll stay put all day.

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Kérastase Soleil Crefefmee UV Défense Active

The Overnight Hair Hydrator

Hair care shouldn’t be the same all year round – you need summer-specific products to solve the problems your hair faces in hot weather. Philip advises steering clear of anything will silicone among the first three ingredients, as it can increase the hair and scalp’s sensitivity to the sun. Pack Aubrey Organics Swimmer’s Normalizing Shampoo, $15.9, and Conditioner, $16.9, which contains organic corn syrup to remove chlorine and salt and fully cleanse post-swim hair. A dose of Philip Kingsley’s Daily Damage Defence Spray, $33, after showering is a must. It contains hydrolysed elastin, which gives hair back its elasticity and strength. If your hair still needs more love, Tigi Hair Reborn Reparative Nocturnal Therapy, $40.5, contains keratin and babassu oil to lock in moisture (the sun is a hydration sapper) while you get your beauty sleep.

Description: C:\Users\ACER\Downloads\Desktop\56217.jpg

Aubrey Organics Swimmer’s Normalizing Shampoo

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Tigi Hair Reborn Reparative Nocturnal Therapy

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