Must-Try Styles

From the slick, swinging tennis ponytails seen at Nicole Farhi to the loose, post-yoga braid at Ashish, this summer’s hottest looks all had a sporty spin. To get the look, start by running Bumble and Bumble bb. Texture Creme, $32.5, mixed with a dad of Mark Hill Cover Up! Protection Spray, $8.99, through your hair once it’s dry to create a mussed-up, beachy vibe.

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Bumble and Bumble bb. Texture Crème

‘Brush hair into a sleek pony and tong small sections to create some wave-swept movement, before pulling out baby hairs to look like you’ve just come back from a beach run,’ says stylish, Neil Moodie. Rub a tiny blob of new L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Sublime Hair Enhancer, $14.99, along your hairline to stop flyaways – its hydrating lotus oil will also protect your hair. Then take a tip from our shoot and wrap Accessorize Towelling Bands, $4.5 for 5, around your pony. An oversized floppy hat à la DKNY will look cute over a low-slung braid – or channel Mulberry and put an athletic spin on your high summer pony with ASOS Colour Block Straw Visor, $22.5.

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Mark Hill Cover Up! Protection Spray

The One-Minute Colour Trick

It’s the copper sulphate used in pools that’s the culprit in giving blonde hair that greenish tinge and making brunette locks look dull. The easiest damage limitation? Rinse hair in soda water, (the carbonation helps break up the chemicals more quickly) the second you emerge from the pool. Then take Josh Wood’s advice to ‘treat summer hair like cashmere’ with Wella SP After Sun Care Shampoo, $18.9, and Conditioner, $21.9, which gently cleanse hair of salt and chlorine residue, and restore moisture levels to leave it soft and silky. If a dip in the sea has left your hair matted, spritz Unite 7 Seconds Conditioner, $7.5, all over and comb through with the travel-size Tangle Teezer Compact, $18.5. And if you’re tempted to use the lemon juice trick to lighten up your hair, Josh stresses says that while it’s fine for natural blondes, brunettes should steer clear.

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Wella SP After Sun Care Shampoo

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Unite 7 Seconds Conditioner

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Tangle Teezer Compact

Instant Hair Boosters

No time to shampoo after a day on the beach? If your sunscreen has left your hair greasy, dust a sprinkling of new Redken Powder Refresh 01, $23.5, into the roots. Not only with it absorb excess oil, it’ll give your hair a bit of volume, too. Undo your daytime braid and spritz on Percy & Reed Wonderfully Wavy Texturizing Spray, $21, for a two-second way to create gently cascading waves – or try the braided style as demonstrated by our model, and add texture to your lengths with L’Oréal Professionnel Techni.Art Gloss Control, $15.5. Simply rub two teaspoons of this clever fixer between your fingertips and run it through your hair, from ear height downwards, to de-frizz and add shine. And for a look that lasts, ‘Backcomb roots to add lift and spritz through a fine layer of hairspray, so your hair doesn’t fall flat over the course of the night,’ advises catwalk stylish, Luke Hersheson. Need an uber-sophisticated, after-dark party look? Take your cue from the tousled, post-workout twist seen at Christopher Kane. ‘Creat a side parting and draw your hair back to just under the bulge at the back of your head. Split t into two sections and tie these in a double knot,’ says Luke. Secure these along the nape with grips and leave the ends free to seal the deal on stylish, blissed-out summer hair!

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Redken Powder Refresh 01

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Percy & Reed Wonderfully Wavy Texturizing Spray

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L’Oréal Professionnel Techni.Art Gloss Control

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