4.     It is advisable that you teach your children to learn foreign language

Children at 3-6 years hold abilities of memorizing in the whole life. Therefore, teaching them in this period is an ideal time.

The mature time with languages is from 3 to 6 years old, teaching languages is natural, but teaching difficult words from the angle of psychological development of the brain is overload. In this period, let them listen to foreign languages; they will absorb the way of pronunciation and grammar of that language as a physiological instinct. They are stored in the internal memory in the brain. Then, even the children don’t learn foreign language and when they have chances to learn those languages again, children will atomically speak them very naturally.

Description: It is advisable that you teach your children to learn foreign language.

It is advisable that you teach your children to learn foreign language.

5.     Letting children play merely will do harm

It is said that teaching letters, numbers, or English to children is making the children miserable. They think that letting children merely is a good way. Parents have to know one thing, if the children just play, and at a certain time, they will force the children into some certain lessons, which is a harmful thing to children’s house.

I would like to reassume it the third time, that the speed of brain development is much more than what people think. Until the children get 3, the brain completes to 60% and up to 80% when they get 6.

The children should study when they get 6, at which the brain completes basically and fixedly. Changing the brain’s wrinkle or improving brain’s quality is out of the question.

The newborn baby to 3 years old is the time, at which they are educated suitably, that the brain can develop with talented factors. When they get 3-6 years old, the brain can reach high quality if they receive good education. At this time, if they are taught how to play chess, they can play even better than adults.

The first thing to educate the children is creating environment which help the children to develop entirely a lot of skills such as memories, thinking, action, drawing, etc. the most naturally.

However, what we usually see is the fact that although children have a mighty inner ability, they are ignored, or prohibited not to express themselves. Often, parents let the children to play what they want, or do nothing and the time goes by uselessly. Therefore, majority of children’s talents come to an end instead of flourishing. The memorization and explanation abilities are weak as well.

Description: Letting children play merely will do harm.

Letting children play merely will do harm.

6.     Eccentric interests nourish the focusing ability of children in this period

You should notice that every child is different from each other. The important thing is educating their individualities. Each individuality is different since the children are born. Naturally, they should start their lives by different ways.

Until they get 2 or 3, some love games such as see-saw, or street-car, etc., some love flowers. Children pay attention to those games strongly and obviously, but parents don’t care those seriously but also seem to worry and draw the children’s attention into other things. This harms children’s development.

If the children expose those eccentric interests, parents should be happy, and then nourish those interests. It is because, when children focus on a certain thing, it means that 2 things are achieved. Firstly, children pay much attention to something. Secondly, once they focus on that thing, they will automatically think of relevant things and after thinking, the thinking ability will reach a higher level.

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