The year when your child gets 3 is the so-called “year of letters”. Some children pay real attention to letter, even when their parents ignore.

1.     3 years old and mentality starting point

3 years old is the important milestone to mark that the forebrain flourishes. This is the mentality area, so the ability of thinking increases dramatically. Until this period, education focuses on teaching children how to memorize things but from this period on, the education should be moved towards teaching them how to think mentally. You must know this beforehand, that if you let your 3-year-old children play more mentality games; he/she easily becomes children who have a high ability of mentality or high IQ. Thus, in this period, the games for children are not simple twisting a screw, or playing with battery-powered toys, etc. only, but let them play games that they can apply their thoughts to solve problems. The suitable games are those which cause children to think out, build or create new objects. For example, 3 wooden triangles in 3 colors seem to be very useful ones.

Description: 3 years old and mentality starting point

3 years old and mentality starting point

Try most so that children can use their fingers to solve tasks that require remedial or technological gestures. For example, let children use scissors, or glue, play with folding papers, rope, etc. (a long rope fastened into a big circle, knitted over by fingers to turn it into different shapes), or uncorking, etc. If you let your children play that kinds of game, the can use their fingers dexterously. Vice versa, without using their fingers, they will become clumsy.

2.     Assist kids 50% so that they can experience, 3 year-old time is the time of independence

Ability of thinking by themselves will help kids to be more independent, and they will have their own thoughts for the very first time.

Independence forms gradually. At first, it is only the half-dependence when the child leaves mother, or looks forward to mother’s assistance and that processes go around. However, this half-dependence is very important. At 3 years old, children won’t expect their mother to do all, but they want to do by themselves. They want to express their own wills, or emotions therefore their parents reckon them as “naughty” or “hostile”.

Let them accumulate their own experiences from outside. But a 3-year-old kid hardly accumulates experiences from the outside. It comes down to the mother’s responsibility to create children’s experience at utmost. For example: take the children to many places such as zoos, aquariums, beaches or mountains. However, only taking them to those places can’t reach the educational purpose. In those places, children have to absorb exact definitions, and a good conception as a mentality basement.

Description: Ability of thinking by themselves will help them to be more independent

Ability of thinking by themselves will help them to be more independent.

3.     Improve lingual abilities by talking/reading to children

It is said that 3-year-old children have a strong desire of eliminating all lingual barriers. It is because they are in the period of lingual development since they are 2. In the whole life, this is the period in which the children can memorize words the most. Thus, parents should teach them as many words as they can. And how to develop lingual ability? The most important thing is that you have to talk to the children as much as you can. Talking to them seriously, using correct words as talking to an adults. And also, you should talk into topics so that children can think and assume. For example, you shouldn’t talk in short “Shut up!” If you say “I am talking on the phone”, the children will understand the reason why you ask them to keep quiet. Use causal sentences such as “We should bring the umbrella with us. It is forecasted to be rain today”.

In addition to talking to children, read to them a lot (stories with pictures, not manga). Children love being read to that much. Try to keep reading from 5-10 stories to them.

Concurrently, through reading, children will pay more attention to letters, and they will desire to read by themselves. That’s the most wonderful thing. The year when your child gets 3 is the so-called “year of letters”. Children pay utmost attention to letters, although parents ignore, they keep on asking “Which letter is that? How to read it?” and they will memorize the alphabet soon and then can read by themselves fluently. 

So, which books are suitable to 3-year-olds?

Ghost stories are definitely unsuitable to children. The more the stories are close to the children’s daily lives, the more attractive they are. Choose books which have simple contents about their daily lives. The fact proves that books which are chosen and borrowed the most are ones having contents close to them. 

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