4 year-old is the time that creativity reaches the peak.

1.     4 year-old children are so creative

Comic writer Games that kids like, Kakotoshi used to say “On my art work, including education books, or books for children, I always imply “For kids, playing is living” or “Children are gifted at playing. However, the Japanese children are not playing at all. There are no places to play, no time to play, and no friends to play. Losing the playing condition easily leads to the insensitive situation. Consequently, children don’t want to play anything at all, and they have no will and pay no attention to anything. The fact that they don’t play and don’t know how to play leads to sudden actions, and they can’t concentrate on anything. Moreover, they can’t control their own thoughts, guess or handle anything. As a result, they hardly achieve in their study”.      

Description: Description: Description: Description: For kids, playing is living.

For kids, playing is living.

The purpose of education is not only teaching children to be smart ones. The fact that your child is number one or that he/she gets all A at school is not an important point. The indeed thing is that they have something that others do not, which help them to contribute into society.

That achievements at school go up and down time after time is not an extremely considerable thing. The most important thing is to nourish the children’s individualities, teaching them how to think and make use of their brain. 4 year-old is the time that creativity reaches the peak.

Our target of education should be “teaching children to be creative ones”.

If you distract from educating your children, they will stop at “memorizing” only. The education approach of Japan has been in this way for long.

So how to teach children not to copy what others do but to be people with creative brains?

A physiological doctor from Georgia – United States said: “The thinking ability starts to flourish when children get 3, then reaches a peak when they get 4-4.5 years old and weakens after 5 rapidly”. 

To enhance the thinking ability of children, the period of 3-4 years old is the most important. In this period, children who are educated well will have a creative brain.

2.     What is the uniquely creative thinking ability?

Children living in the 21st century must be creative ones compared to others. We want to teach them to have creative minds and creativity ability, then we must understand what creativity, and creativity ability are and how they work actually.

Creativity ability is the ability to increase new stuffs, or new thoughts that are proved more advantageous than the world we are living in. Creativity is the basic factor which determines those brilliant things can be executed or not. And this is a good factor.

However, the creativity ability is not necessarily relevant to IQ. Because, to create, it is compulsory to give out new ideas or answers that haven’t been accepted so far.

To teach children to be people like that is easy or not? No, it is not difficult at all.

All children are born with that brilliant creativity. The creativity ability of the newborn actually sets up when they are just out of their mother’s stomach. First creative steps start at concurrent time at which the senses start up. Looking with eyes, hearing with ears, pronouncing with mouth, tasting with tongue, touch with hands, etc. are all the creativity performances of children.

Description: Description: Description: Description: Children living in the 21st century must be creative ones compared to others.

Children living in the 21st century must be creative ones compared to others.

That creativity performance will be flourishing if we know how to encourage and to help them practice.

It is likely that influencing on children’s senses when they are new born until they get 6 will determine the study attitudes of them later on. They may have serious spirit of studying, holding a great creativity mind or not. Parents ignore the desires to study and creativity seeds and wrong, and make mistakes when educating them (always yelling or eliminating their responsibilities or forcing them to go to extra-curriculum classes, clubs or leaving them alone playing, etc.). And it can’t develop the available abilities, then the creativity desires will fade away time after time and they become boring ones.

The characteristics of creative children

1.    Curious

2.    Love experiencing.

3.    Keep on asking, and ask extraordinary questions.

4.    Can’t be satisfied with unclear answers. They keep on asking when everything comes to be clear.

5.    Think up with new ideas.

6.    Try everything for the first time without being panic.

7.    Usually have conflicts thoughts towards parents, teachers and friends.

8.    Independent

Creative children usually have those features. As usual, many parents want to set ideal standards for their children such as being obedient to parents and seniors, not fighting with others, and not getting out of the limits, etc. However, there is a huge discrepancy in in the definition of what ideal and creative children are. Parents should know this beforehand to avoid the confusing between them.

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