Do mothers believe that foods can stimulate their milk?

After giving birth, most of the women want their children suck sweet and nutritious mother’s milk. However, after giving birth, not all women can go home immediately and have enough milk for babies to suck.

1.     Large banana

This is kind of big banana and its skin rough. Pulp of banana is more than other kinds of banana. Banana contains a lot of vitamins such as: A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, D, E and other minerals such as magnesium, lime, potassium, Fe, phosphor, flour and iodine. Especially, enzyme of this fruit is very good. If pregnant women eat banana regularly, it will help you increase the amount of milk without your being afraid of gaining weight.

Banana can help pregnant women prevent constipation.

Banana can help pregnant women prevent constipation.

2.     Black sesame

2 following remedies about black sesame are simple are easy to make and effective:

The first remedy

·         Pound 30 grams of black sesame and 50-60 grams of ordinary rice.

·         Then, stew them into soup to eat.

This soup is good for milk, laxative and suitable with women that after giving birth, have constipation, and don’t have enough milk for babies to suck.

The second remedy

·         Pound 30 grams of sesame, roast 10 grams of silkworm and pulverize (due to this rate, make a lot and store to use gradually).

·         Mix 2 things with red sugar, pour boiled water, use lid to cover and you can drink after 10 minutes.

Every day you can drink once when you feel hungry. When you drink in 2 days, milks will begin to secrete and after 4 days of drinking, you will have enough milk for babies to suck.

Black sesame

Black sesame

3.     Fresh crucian carp

Crucian carp is a white kind of fish, it lives in fresh water. Its body is flat and its strength is 15-30cm. Meat of fish contains 17.7% protein; 1.8% lipid; 70 mg% calcium; 152 mg% phosphor; 0,8mg% Fe; vitamin B1, B6.

Drinking soup of crucian carp will help pregnant women have a lot of good milk.

·         First of all, take a 500-gram crucian carp, make it clean and get rid of internal organs.

·         Put fish into pot and cook it into soup.

Every day, eat fish and drink soup twice, and drink continuously in 3-5 days.

4.     Asparagus

In pregnancy, women are advised to use asparagus regularly. This thing is good for baby’s development. Asparagus is also food that helps mothers have a lot of milk. You can use asparagus to cook soup.

You should pay attention that to cook dishes from asparagus, you should choose to buy fresh asparagus (small and short stem). When you cook, you should wash it clean and carefully. Besides Fe, leaves of asparagus contain nutritious components higher than in its body. Therefore, you shouldn’t get rid of leaves when eating.

Asparagus can be boiled, fried and cooked into soup.

Asparagus can be boiled, fried and cooked into soup.

5.     Pot-herb        

According to oriental medicine, pot-herb has peppery taste, cold feature. In addition, it can be antifebrile, laxative and helps destroy sputum,…

After giving birth, if women have less milk, they can use the following remedy:  the first week after giving birth, you should eat 150-200 grams of hot-herb that is used to cook soup on main meals every day. On the next weeks, eat twice, and each time you can eat 200-250 grams of pot-herb. It will help milk be steady and good.

6.     Sweet potato buds

Boiling or frying sweet potato buds to eat every day will make you laxative and it will be useful for milk.

7.     Smell seeds

Take 12 grams of smell seeds, 30 grams of brown rice. You can cook soup to eat or you can use 6 grams of smell seeds and then pour it into pot with 100ml of water. Boil it in about 15 minutes. Divide into 2 parts and drink in day. It will bring benefit for milk.

8.    Fig

According to oriental medicine, fig has sweet taste. In addition, it is rather acrid, cool. It is diuretic; helps destroy sputum, inflammation, antiseptic and tonic. Fig and young leaves help galactopoietic for pregnant women. You can use 10-20 grams of fig and leaves to simmer and drink every day.

Fig and young leaves help galactopoietic for pregnant women.

Fig and young leaves help galactopoietic for pregnant women.

9.    Pumpkin seed

After giving birth, it makes pregnant women’s milk increase: each time, you can drink 15-20 grams of unripe pumpkin seed, drink twice in the morning and in the evening.

How to make: get rid of peel and take inside part, pound and dissolves to drink when you feel hungry. It will be effective if you drink 3-5 days.

10.  Peanut

Cook ordinary rice with peanut. When soup is cooked, pour a little of sugar. Or, you can cook soup of peanut and milk, it can be effectively galactopoietic.

Pour 150 grams of rice into pot and simmer, pour 50 grams of peanuts and 250 ml of fresh milk with less fat and then mix with white sugar.

Every day, divide into twice, in the morning and noon or in the morning and dinner, eat all of them after each time.

11.  Green peas

It is called small and green bean. It has sweet and bitter taste. In addition, it has the plentiful quantity of phosphor that is diuretic, secretes slaver, detoxifies and prevents diarrhea. Green peas are cooked or bud of green peas is squeezed to use. All of them can help increase milk.

Green peas

Green peas

12.  Prickly vegetable

Prickly vegetable contains a lot of vitamins and a large amount of vitamin B1, B2… that reduce temperature, is diuretic and prevents bleeding, dropping of milk. If milk doesn’t drop after giving birth, you can use this way to cure. It’s very effective if you stew pork and prickly vegetable.

13.  Young brace bulb

According to oriental medicine, this kind of bulb has sweet and cold taste. It helps reduce poison, prevent thirst, constipation and promote secreting milk. At present, it is used to cook with pork-pie or sea snails that can improve secreting milk best.

14.  Soya curd

Soya curd of food that is sharpened weapon. It helps secrete slaver to prevent dry, reduce temperature and detoxify. It is also a food that secretes milk. You can cook soya curd with red sugar, fermented sticky rice and water. It can create more milk.

15.  Green papaw

Green papaw contains a lot of vitamins, fats and vitamins. Green papaw is cooked soup with pig’s feet and this dish is considered to be galactopoietic and it is used popularly. On the other hand, this dish also helps cure trouble of less milk or milk is too long.

Mothers can replace pig’s feet with carp or snake-head. It also brings similar effect. Moreover, it also helps reduce fat in belly.

Green papaw contains a lot of vitamins, fats and vitamins.

Green papaw contains a lot of vitamins, fats and vitamins.

16.  Bicker tea

Bicker tea is a kind of climbed body that grows in forest.  There are 2 kinds: kind with big leaf is called buffalo bicker and the other with small leaf is sparrow bicker. Kind with small leaf is more scented and delicious. After taking it, you wash it, chop, make it dried and store them to cook water and drink gradually to have more milk. If tea is soli, milk is more.

17.  Bud of young pineapple

If you give birth with a girl, you use 9 buds. If you give birth with a boy, you use 7 buds. You wash them, get rid of green leaves and only take white buds under. Cut white bid (with tiny cubes). You can cook with lean meat or bone.  Cook a small bowl and let pregnant woman eat both water and ground to have milk quickly.


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