When babies are 13-16 weeks old, they begin to know how to make a fuss and annoy their parents.

Babies 13 weeks old

Development of babies

They can recognize their mothers when they are born in some days. But at this time, half of them begin to recognize their parents clearly.

Babies can smile, begin to read loudly and unceasingly to keep accompany with a strange person. However, they will reserve priority with their parents and people that are close to them every day.

Babies will keep silent and look at their parents straight or seek them in room. Then they will show their hands and smile when they see you. They can even feel that you are near them through scent or voice.

At 13 weeks old, babies will reserve priority with their parents and people that are close to them every day.

At 13 weeks old, babies will reserve priority with their parents and people that are close to them every day.

Change of mothers: depression after giving birth will last

Your anxious and sad feeling lasts, and you become spleenful. In the last few weeks, your husband and relatives begin to worry for your state and are afraid of its worse progress.

If you worry and think that your mood isn’t different from the last 3 months when you have just given birth, you can check yourself by answering “Yes”, or “No” with the following questions:

·         Difficult to sleep?

·         Feel exhausted and tired?

·         Eat without feeling delicious?

·         Worry about unimportant things that didn’t affect you in the past?

·         Wonder whether you had time for yourself?

·         Think that baby will be better if it has a mother like you?

·         Often tease with your husband and children?

·         Think that other mothers are better than you?

·         Cry because of unimportant things?

·         Think that you aren’t lived with individual interest?

·         Want to leave house or stay at home alone?

·         Be afraid of tacking? And grow angry causelessly?

·         Difficulty to concentrate and everything become worse.

If you say “yes” with over 3 sentences, you should go to see doctor. You will be consulted and cured.

Babies 14 weeks old

Development of babies

They like to be carried in your arms and to be comforted. Interaction between babies and mothers through comfort not only helps connect mothers and babies but also calm babies when they feel unpleasant or surly, and it nourishes their emotion.

At this time, babies begin to know how to suck their fingers and give anything to their mouth. Therefore, you should look after them carefully and do not let them be alone with anything that they can give to their mouth and anything dangerous for them.

At 14 weeks old, babies like to be carried in your arms.

At 14 weeks old, babies like to be carried in your arms.

Change of mothers: How to lose weight?

Giving birth is a big change about life as well as body of mothers. You can see that your hip and waist become big, and especially belly. Many mothers fear that they cannot return weight of the time before they are pregnant. However, you are rather fat at this time. If your weight is in allowed scale, you should be calm. You should spend time with at least 9 months to take stature back of the time when you are pregnant.

If you raise children with mother’s milk, the best way is that you shouldn’t try to limit eating and drinking. You should relax and feel comfortable instead of diet or practicing sport.

Babies 15 weeks old

Development of babies

They begin to have expression about recognizing the world around. They will look at all of things and their images with curiosity.

Hold your baby in your arms and stand in front of the mirror (baby won’t recognize its image, and this thing will take place when baby is 2 years old), and you will see that your baby will gaze at its image and yours with satisfaction. Maybe, it can smile.

At 15 weeks old, babies begin to have expression about recognizing the world around.

At 15 weeks old, babies begin to have expression about recognizing the world around.

Changes of mothers: Change in friend relationship

Having more children will affect the relationship between you and all of the people including your friends. Some friends are happy when you have children as if they have. However, some others are envious with you and the others don’t want to play with you like before… However, you cannot completely lay blame them because you yourself have a lot of changes. In the past, you often shared with your friends some hobbies such as going to bar, going shopping. But, this no longer exists because it isn’t suitable with you at this time.

Although you cannot make the relationship become normal, you can balance all of your friendship. Your friends cannot expect that you will put your child on one side and you cannot also force them to talk stories about being mother. You should harmonize friendship by creating time to meet such as having lunch only with 2 friends or inviting them to go to your house and visit baby.

You also have to accept that you will lose some close friends, but at that time, your baby will bring you a lot of new friends. They are people that just become parents like you and they have the same point with you.

Babies 16 weeks old

Development of babies

They begin to roll. When you try to put babies lie on their front, they begin to raise their neck and shoulder with the support of 2 arms. This exercise can support them to develop well and helps them discover their interesting abilities. They will practice lying on their front and on their back by themselves.

You can encourage babies to roll by themselves by putting an attractive thing next to them and cheering to help them overthrow their body to take their favorite toy. For babies, this skill is also an adventurous thing, so parents should encourage them by clapping your hands and smile with them.

At 16 weeks old, babies begin to roll over.

At 16 weeks old, babies begin to roll over.

Change of mothers

It’s difficult for mothers to give their babies to someone

An emotion that often takes place to mothers is that they often worry and don’t feel secure when they ask their parents or believable babysitter to take care of their babies. This is a sign that proves they take care of their children a lot.

However, it isn’t a good idea if you always stay with your baby. You always stay with your baby and you don’t believe in the care of anybody against the reality that you need to have a private time to restore your health, to warm up your love with your husband or go to work again. Surely, you have to practice babies to be familiar with babysitter. This thing is necessary and completely normal.

If you never hire a babysitter, you can ask for consult or introduction of other parents. Before choosing a person, you should let her to look after your baby while you are doing housework and observe the way that she interacts with your child. And then you can be brave and give your child to her and go out for shopping so that you can recognize whether your child are familiar with that person or not. You should remember that your child prefers to stay with you, so you need to be clever so that your child won’t follow you when the babysitter replaces you to look after it.

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