Toddlers are easy to have psychological trauma when having a new brother/sister.

Mothers need to be clever at presenting the new baby to the toddlers.

Mothers need to be clever at presenting the new baby to the toddlers.

Toddlers and newborn baby

Normally, babies are born a year and a half year or two year and a half year apart. You don’t need to have the psychologist certification to know that this gap causes trouble. The second baby is born at the perfect time when the first one is at the top of the stage of wanting to be a center of attention. 

According to 2-year-old children’s point of view, they think that they’re the most important ones. They want parents to pay attention to them absolutely. They don’t know the meaning of sharing. Even in adults, some can’t understand this so it’s not strange to the toddlers. 

I have to reaffirm that even though it sounds full of trouble; if you know how to treat children, there will be nothing serious. However, we should be careful because when the new baby appears, toddlers are provided with the most dangerous weapon. Children will soon know that their parents are very sensitive and protective to the new baby. For some reasons, mothers won’t accept to let the 2-year-old child get dirty as it will touch the little new-born baby.

When being bored, children just need to come close to the baby and tickle it. The result will be terrible but is nothing if the children throw themselves on the baby or overthrow the baby’s cradle. One more trick: children will try to poke their dirty fingers in the baby’s eyes; at that time, mothers know nothing but fall backward.  

When being bored, children just need to come close to the baby and tickle it.

When being bored, children just need to come close to the baby and tickle it.

If parents determine against this dangerous clamor for something, there is no reason to give up on this deadly trick of the children. If each time when the children get close to the baby, they will be embraced and caressed by their mothers, this will absolutely be a way of planting the buds of love among sisters/brothers

I believe that it’s hard for children to put the baby into peril if we know how to teach them to play with the baby. Parents need to try to pretend as they aren’t cautious but they shouldn’t stay too far in order to be sure that they intervene timely when children have some action that is not good for the baby. 

About the act of poking fingers in the eyes, I believe that the child doesn’t mean to. Mothers shouldn’t make a fuss when the child does that because he/she loves to look in the baby’s eyes like the adults. Children may want to touch the baby’s eyes due to curiosity so we need to explain this to them.

Present correctly

When you’re pregnant, you should foretell your children of the new baby and that you will need their help to take care of the baby. Discuss with your children on how to name the baby and that the new baby will go on stool frequently. There will be a connection between the elder child and this because they are expert in body function.

While you’re in the hospital, call a relative to take care of the elder one. Relatives should take the child to visit its mother and the new-born baby. You should also make the child happy by welcoming a little bit more warmly and give it some gifts.

It is encouraged that guests who come to visit the baby be more hospitable to the elder one. A child of this age considers itself as a center of attention. Though the mother is tired and wants to protect the little baby, she should pay attention to the elder daughter a little bit more through many ways, for instance, while taking care of the baby, the mother can ask her daughter to help them take some things she need. You can talk or read a story to the little girl while feeding the baby. If you don’t do that, don’t blame your little girl for pushing the baby away to take the mother’s breast or doing something worse that makes you panic.

Of course, the mother will be very sensitive and protect the baby with all her mind, but she shouldn’t build a barrier between the baby and its sister. If the mom keeps on cuddling the baby and pushes the elder one away, for sure, she will cause unhealthy hatred and jealousy to that child. If you know how to behave, most toddlers will accept their younger siblings without any trouble. Some children can accept this at the first stage, but when the baby is 6 months old, they will begin to cause trouble. New-born baby is like a lively doll to the toddlers, so they like to play with or to tease the baby.  

However, when the new baby knows how to sit or do something else, this will be a thread to the balance of power of the toddlers. You should believe that if you behave wisely, the child and the new-born baby will get along well with each other.  


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