Milk increases children’s height. So, how much milk per day should a child consume?

According to Professors, a child aging from 1 to 3 must drink 500ml of processed (cow) milk and 300-400ml is for child older than 3 years old.

Milk (from cow, buffalo, goat…) is highly nutrient. It contains protein, lipid, sugar, and vitamin and mineral that helps children to grow and develop healthily.

Milk increases children’s height.

Milk increases children’s height.

Milk protein is valuable as its amino acid content is balanced with high synchronization. Milk lipid provides lots of energy, dissolvable vitamins, especially vitamin A.

Milk also has vitamin B, especially riboflavin (B2). Inside yogurt, the amount of vitamin B1 and B2 is much greater than that in usual milk by 20-30%. Besides, milk owns a large quantity of calcium in form of casein. Calcium/phosphorus ratio is appropriate thus synchronization and metabolism are enhanced.

Only milk is not enough for kid.

Only milk is not enough for kid.

Milk lipid features high biological value as in state of emulsion, it is easily dissolved, creating opportunity for consumption and metabolism. Additionally, milk lipid contains much strong lipid acid needed. Lecithin is a type of phosphatide which is vital in converting and pulling cholesterol out of the body.

Though milk is good, it is not enough. Children must be fed with various kinds of food through gruel, rice and cereal…, which provides children with full nutrition as well as meets the children’s requirements for growth.

Nutrient contents (vitamin, mineral…) in milk partly contribute to children’s daily diet. Milk fiber’s quantity is too low. Thus, in case a child drinks too much milk, he or she will get constipation.

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