Here is the popular way of teaching children ineffectively.

Pampering does harm to children.

Pampering does harm to children.

1.     Strict mother

This way of education is increasingly popular, especially in strict cultures and parents who have excessive perfectionism. The strict mothers believe that children learn so much and only participate in learning activities such as playing the piano or violin should be the best way for children to get education, culture, and become the social position in the future.

Of course, parents should orient and encourage children to learn best, but everything should be limited. Young children still need time to have fun and enjoy life in its true sense. Childhood is the most beautiful and carefree life span in the life. Do not turn it into your child's obsession.

Parents should not be too strict to teach children.

Parents should not be too strict to teach children.

2.     Pamper children so much

Remember the sentence “In for a penny, in for a pound” before you are going to pamper any “claims” of children. When the children have their own way, they will quickly know to 'hit' on the weaknesses of parents and take advantage to claim insistently, and parents obey orders all at the same time without noticing.

Pampering children so much, loving them with emotional and being ready to meet the demands will make children disrespectful to parents. As parents, do not to think that when children grow up, they will be good because if they were not docile at childhood, of course when growwing up, they will be bad.

3.     Require perfection

Even when children succeed, got good academic achievement, these parents are not satisfied. To them, their children are always number 1, and they do not allow inferior to anyone.

Children whose parents demand perfection always lived in the pressure to strive to the highest level. In fact, when the demand exceeds the capacity of the children, many children have depression, have to tell the lie. Because they are busy trying to lie to their parents to make them happy, they will not have the time and mind to strive.

4.     Side by side your children as bodyguard

Caring for children so fussy, accidentally it is harmful to children. Be supported everything by parents easily causes children to be passive psychological, selfish, not to know how to share and rely...

Win the right to self-determination of children means that parents are telling that they do not trust children’s choices for themselves... So, give children the rod, not the fish – it means suggesting children a few ways to solve trouble, but let they do themselves; parents just track and direct fast if children are wrong.





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