This is the stage that children have the largest capacity of reception. So, please activate these features by five senses of children.

Description: Children are smarter if trained skills since a young age.

Children are smarter if trained skills since a young age.

Japan has been known as a nation appreciates gray matter seriously and knows how to train, educate people in tradition and discipline. Many parents are interested in teaching their children according to Japanese method. So let’s learn together!

0 to 3 months old is the stage that children have the largest capacity of reception. Let’s think how to activate this ability by children’s 5 main senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.


Around the bed of newborns should have the famous world landscape. You should pay attention to wrap babies in an environment full of rich nuances. On the shelves, display toys having bright colors, or wood blocks.

If your newborn is under one month old, let it look black and white plaid, 3 minutes every day, constantly in a week. Your baby's ability of concentration, from less than 5 seconds, will rise to 60-90 seconds. The concentrative ability will relate well to learn everything later. That is the foundation of learning.

At below 9 months old, the nervous system has not fully developed yet; babies cannot distinguish the colors red, green, and yellow. If in 6 months old, babies are bored horizontal stripes and stripes, convert to stripes with smaller grid (from 6 cm box down to 2 cm box). If your baby is not still interested in, stop it looking the cell in a while.

You should post the Alphabet near your babies’ beds. The Alphabet with letters is printed in red, big, and obvious. Babies are introduced to letters from being born to growing up will enjoy a lots. Hold your babies close to the alphabet, once a day, 2 – 3 seconds each time, and repeat. Babies will be happy and swing limbs when they are close to the alphabet.

Description: Pay attention to wrap babies in an environment full of rich nuances.

Pay attention to wrap babies in an environment full of rich nuances.


Next, you should get babies listen to selected music every day. Each time of hearing is about 15 minutes, and about 30 minutes every day. So let them listen to soothing music with the volume is not too large. It should be noted that if babies listen to tapes or CDs for a long time, they will get used to and like machine and recording sound more and not emote with the real voice of their mothers.

When babies listen to music, hold them to stand on mothers’ knees, swing them from back to front follow the beat of music. That means two hands of mothers hold their armpits, slightly lift them up to their feet without touching mothers’ knees, and then put their feet down to touch mothers’ knees. It is also possible for babies to hear ballet music.

It is important to speak much with your babies after birth. When feeding them, changing diapers, or having a baby bath, gently talk to them. While changing a diaper for them, holding their hands and feet, and saying "This is hand, hand, hand", repeatedly. Or while changing diapers for babies, just holding ball or doll, and saying "This is ball, ball, ball" "This is doll, dolls, doll". That is the way to teach your babies.


Since being born, babies have begun learning many things and remembering very thoroughly in their memory what they see, what they hear to form clear thinking in their brain.

Breastfeeding, this is the first lesson of babies’ touch. Let’s carefully observe a baby breastfeeding, and its movements of finding mother’s breast, holding the nipples in its mouth, and sucking milk progress rapidly. At first times, it often touches its chin or nose to mother’s boobs and hard to put the nipples into its mouth correctly. Many mothers use hands to help children, but their babies themselves can adjust quickly.

Mothers should touch the nipples to other positions on babies’ faces such as lips, mouth, upper jaw, lower jaw, chin, right cheek, and left cheek. That makes babies quickly learn to adjust space, feel position upper-lower, right-left.

Not only with nipples as above, mothers can also use fingers, towel to lightly rub on upper jaw, lower jaw of babies. They will know the feeling when licking and biting these things, and will not bite things as when sucking mother’s nipples.

Description: Breastfeeding is the first lesson of babies’ touch.

Breastfeeding is the first lesson of babies’ touch.


Absorb into towel a little cool water, cold water, sweet water, salty water, and sour water; each one for taste. Here's very good way to activate taste.

Holding force

Let babies hold mothers’ fingers. Newborns are trained to hold things right away will know everything quickly.

Nearer newborn, babies are more likely to hold objects in hand, but this ability disappears very quickly.

In order that force holding of babies is not lost, we should practice them to hold items since birth.

Parents must keep in mind not to leave their eyes from their babies while training them to hold things because they can rush objects into their heads, faces, and bodies.


Let babies smell the fragrance of flowers. They will head toward to this smell. If babies smells different odors, smell will grow well.

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