There are 3 basic factors to help 2-year-old baby become a genius.

From 2 years old, kids want to be independent. They don’t want their parent to do anything for them but let them learn and do it themselves. 2 years old, kids move constantly as professional athletes.

There are 3 basic factors to promote 2-year-old baby’s will. If kids understand and promote these factors in time, they will be really brilliant. They are exercise language - basic skill.

From 2 years old, kids want to be independent.

From 2 years old, kids want to be independent.

Let your children exercise and walk a lot

Kids’ mental power is developed perfectly when activating their senses, exercise and language right after birth. For example, if your children’s exercise skills are not promoted best, they will not develop with positive trend. They will have no depth.

1.5-year-old babies needs to walk with longest distance as possible. Carrying, holding them or letting them sit on stroller, car all day will lose their ability of walking.

At 2 years old, kids always want to act and have the demand of limbs, body movement. Restrain it will inhibit them. And if you know how to promote it, their ability of physical activity is very good. So let them walk well when they are 2 years old. Walking is considered a daily exercise, also a way to help kids develop their mind.

However, just walking on a smooth and flat road is not perfect. You have to let your children walk on sloping, rough roads or up down, jump stairs…

You can stand from long distance and throw a ball for them to get. At first, they will run along the way the ball rolls, then they will observe its target and come to get it in the shortest way.

Let 2-year-old kid exercise a lot

Let 2-year-old children exercise a lot.

The most sensitive stage to language       

2-year-old kids have demand of body exercise as well as language. Especially at the age of 2, kids have a breakthrough in language, but until 2.5 years old, it disappears. So the stage from 2-2.5 years old is the most important one. Parent needs to know that, this is the most sensitive stage to language in kid’s life.

So you have to talk to your children with standard accent, as to adults. At this age, language game is the most appropriate. There are many ways of playing. Example: ask them: “what is red in bathroom?”, or ask them to tell the name of red things in the house that they know.

2-year-old kid has a breakthrough in language.

2-year-old children have a breakthrough in language.

When babies are 2 years old, you should try to buy many picture books for them. Not only let them watch the pictures, but you should also read aloud for them. If they want, read 5-10 books per day. Then you will know which book is interesting to re-read, which to read over. Read his favorite book many times.

You should also pay attention to cause and effect relationship. National Language Research Institute announced that 2-year-old kids like words about cause and effect relationship very much. It is very simple. For example, kids’ hands are scalded when touching hot heater. Tell them “Do not touch the heater, because you will be scalded”.

Many mothers told him “The heater is so bad, makes my son scald”. Or another example, kid got his hand stuck in the door, mothers usually said “The door is so naughty. Let me scold it.” Telling them like that makes kid not see the cause and effect relationship leading to not have proper thoughts about things.

Another example, the child cried because his ball rolled under the bed and couldn’t take it out. But busy mother asked “Why are you crying? Stop” and knocked on his head. He cried louder. Many familiar situations happen and hurt children, inhibit their personality and talent.

In this situation, you should warmly ask him why he cried, and talk to him “The ball rolled under the bed and you could not take it out? So you want me to take it for you?” It is important. Because kid will remember how to express his mind, and learn a thing “not crying but talking like that can make mom follow my thought”. Next time he will say “Because the ball rolled under the bed”. You should teach your child such words about cause and effect relationship as much as possible. It is very necessary for developing mental ability later.

As above, 2-year-old kid has the most sensitive ability to language. Reading picture book is good, but reading poetry is much better. Poetry is the material teaching us about the interest and importance of language best. At this age, you do not have to analyze every sentence in detail, or explain the meaning of it, just read again and again many times for him to remember.

At this stage, let him get acquainted with handwriting to make him be interested in word. 2-year-old kid can read word is excellent. On the way, show them the signboards or car’s license number.

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