If you follow a certain religion, you would be worried about periods that you need to keep a vegetarian diet, whether this diet affect the baby or not.

The following information can answer partly your worries.

Should you keep a vegetarian diet when breast-feeding baby?

During this period, you should not keep a vegetarian diet for too long time. The time and the moment for vegetarian meal depend on baby’s age, breast-feeding completely or combining with powdered milk … If your baby is under 6 months and completely has breast milk, it is best that you do not have vegetarian meal. When it begins weaning and keeps on having breast milk at the same time, you now can have vegetarian meal for a short time.

Consider vegetarian diet while breast-feeding baby.

Consider vegetarian diet while breast-feeding baby.

Is having vegetarian diet harmful for baby?

If your baby is fully breast-fed, your long lasting vegetarian diet is not good for the health of your baby. However, you can still have vegetarian meal in one day without affecting the milk quality because at this moment, calorie amount cut has not significantly influenced the production of breast milk. Your body will adapt by releasing the reserved energy to compensate for the amount of food or fluid shortage. The science proves that women can fast for 24 hours but the quality and quantity of breast milk still contain enough nutrients. In a short time (several days), the fat in breast milk is kept the same, so your baby is not affected if you keep your vegetarian diet within time limit. But if you fast for long time (several weeks), your weight will be lost, the fat contained in your breast milk starts decreasing and may have bad effect on the the health of your baby.

One research shows that the human body is able to adapt to the fast without any influence on health. But for people who are breast-feeding their babies, long lasting fast may lead to dehydration as follows:

·         Always in thirsty condition

·         Dark color urine with strong smell

·         Always feeling tired, unpleasant

·         Usually having a headache

Fast can affect the health of your baby.

Fast can affect the health of your baby.

If having one of above signs, you need to stop vegetarian diet and supplement water to the body. After half an hour, if these symptoms are not decreased, you need to see a doctor. After stopping fasting, in addition to supplementing water, you also have to add both calories and other nutrients to the body. In case that you lose weight during fasting, but not having such symptoms, you should not worry about that.

Preparation for fasting period

Buy some foods and drinks rich in energy to prevent as a precaution in emergency needed to supplement nutrients.

 Energy rich foods

 Energy rich foods

Write down all the menus in day to ensure the necessary energy or use in case of unfortunate situation.

Keep the good mood, take a rest in moderation.

Besides, you should see your doctor asking for advice if your baby has signs of not receiving enough nutrients from breast milk as following:

·         Less pee than usual

·         Green stools

·         Often cry

·         Losing or not gaining weight

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